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This is my very first Instructable!

Super easy Easter Eggs - Save your money on buying expensive shop bought eggs and make some of these so simple Easter eggs and chocolate shapes. They could not be easier to make and they look fantastic and its chocolate...what is there not to like.

I am entering this Instructable for the Egg Contest 2016 So if you have enjoyed this and I hope will make some, then please give me your vote in the competition....go on just click on the vote button! Thanks.

Step 1: Get an Egg

Get an egg!

Using a sharp pointy knife or a large needle that I used, carefully break a small hole about 5mm across in the bottom end of the egg.

Shake the contents into a bowl for use later for cooking supper. It may be necessary to poke your pointy thing inside to break the yoke.

Wipe clean the outside of the egg.

Boil the egg shell for a couple of minutes to make sure that any egg residue inside the shell is fully cooked.

Step 2: Fill It Up

Place a heat proof bowl over a pan of boiling water making sure the water is not touching the base of the water - A Bain Marie.

Break up your chocolate of choice and place in the bowl until it is all melted.

Pour the melted chocolate into the small hole of the egg. Best to use a small spoon to do this.

About a hundred gram bar of chocolate should fill a medium egg.

Place with hole upwards! on an egg cup and when cooled place into fridge to harden well.

Keep in a fridge and use within time that you would happily keep a hard boiled egg.

Step 3: Wrap It Up

Just pop the egg into an egg cup and give as if it is a hard boiled egg and watch the confusion...

...or wrap it up with some nice foil paper.

I used foil wrappers from Tunnock Tea Cakes that we saved from our kids birthday party. It has a great sunburst pattern and fits nicely around the egg.


Step 4: But I Still Have Melted Chocolate Left!

But I still have melted chocolate left in the bowl.... here is another great little chocolate treat.

Get some of your cookie cutters - rabbits, teddy bears, hearts - whatever you like the look of.

Place them onto a sheet of grease proof paper on a tray.

Pour the melted chocolate into the cutters.

Why not melt some more chocolate! Use a contrasting chocolate...

...and pour on top and use a knife or pointy stick to mix the two chocolates about a bit to make a nice marble effect.

Leave to cool and pop into a fridge.

Step 5: Pop Them Out

Take out of the fridge when nice and hard.

From the back side of the cookie cutter carefully use a knife to ease the side of the cutter from the chocolate.

Using your thumbs slowly push the chocolate shape out.

And there you have a whole bunch of glorious, tasty and unusual chocolate treats.


You can check out Its a Rubbish Challenge for more great projects and I am sure I will post some more here on Instructables.

Don't forget to vote for this in the Egg Competition if you have enjoyed it.

Thanks and have a great Easter



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    2 years ago

    Just heard from a friend who has made some of the chocolate shapes and he used a kitchen blow torch to help get them out of the cookie cutters. Worked a treat he said. Give it go!


    2 years ago

    i have just made some more of the chocolate shapes and cut up and mixed in some Maltesers for added crunch! Mmmm


    3 years ago

    Very excellently done! Thanks for sharing and welcome to the community!

    1 reply

    Reply 3 years ago

    hey thanks - I have been following Instuctsbles for a couple of years and thought it about time to give it ago. More to come I think.