Super Easy Fun Vibrobot

Introduction: Super Easy Fun Vibrobot

After going through many different versions,
I came up with what I call the tri-Vi. All you need are:1) 1.5 v motor 2) AA battery) 3) three toothbrushes 4) 2 wires
Tools needed: 1) hot glue gun 2) pliers(optional)

Step 1: Toothbrushes

Take two toothbrushes and cut them off right at the base before the bristles. Leave a little bit of handle on the third one. After you have all three cut, glue them side by side three in a row.

Step 2: Mount Your Motor

Take the motor and apply hot glue to the bottom. Place it firmly on the middle toothbrush to where the shaft hangs slightly off the end of the toothbrush.

Step 3: Mount Battery

Take your battery and mount it horizontal on the little bit of handle hanging off of the middle toothbrush. Hot glue it on.

Step 4: Connect Everything Together

Take your wires and making sure you have a good connection, hot glue them to the battery. With the same end (positive and negative) connect it to the motor. Leave one end not hot glued. There you have it! You have your very own Tri-Vi! Connect the wire to the battery And it will vibrate around.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Looks pretty cool! Congratulations on posting your first Instructable! Do you have any more pictures of building it? Or a video of it in action?