Super Easy Game of Thrones Crown

Instant and Cheap Crown -ANYONE COULD

For this super easy crown I found images of the crown I wanted to create online. I printed out the image and then sized the image down to a quarter of the size the wearer's head. I made 4 copies of the image I then cut them out.

After cutting out each quarter of the crown , I ran a bead of hot glue evenly over the entire surface. Using a wig block, I glued each quarter section onto a glue covered cord cut to size. I glued a wire to the inside of the cord for stability and to help shape the crown.

The glue was firm but still pliable so I could gently curve out the top of the crown for the desired shape. After the hot glue had cooled I sprayed the piece with spray paint . For the final touch i glued 4 rhinestones to the center top of each quarter section.

This was so cheap and easy ! I think I will make a whole set of crowns for my grand kids to play with !



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