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Introduction: Super Easy Knex Capo

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I discovered a really easy way to create a capo out just four Knex pieces. I thought about buying one but didnt want to, then i watched videos on how to make capo's but they didnt work very well. After seing some of the capo ideas on the videos I wanted to make my own. None of the ones i saw were made out of knex so i tried using knex and it turned out really well. i think this is the easiet and the best cheap capo.


Orange Connecters-2

Yellow Rods-2 

Step 1: Pieces

Only 2 Orange connects and 2 yellow rods.

Step 2: Attach Orange Connecters

Super Easy

Step 3: Put the Pieces Together

Just like that

Step 4: Your Done! Now Heres More Pics

In Pictures 1 and 5 i used a yellow connecter because I Didnt have enough Orange. You can use almost any type of connecter just The best ones are the orange.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Does It make the stings buzz at all, and will it ruin the strings over time?