Super Easy Magnetic Cup

Introduction: Super Easy Magnetic Cup

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This is a quick, simple, and fantastic way to make an out of the way cup to hold your pencils, pens, markers, screwdrivers, scissors, or any tool in your workshop. The can is very stable and stays on most any metal surface you put it on, it's out of the way and good for holding what you need.

You're going to need:(not much)

1. One tin can
2. Neodymium magnets, For this I used 6 small ones

Step 1: Really Simple

This is all really simple.

Take your magnets and place them going vertical on the can in pairs of 2. I only used 6, so I had 3 pairs of 2 magnets. Place on metal surface like filing cabinet, metal workbench, refridgerator etc. etc, and you have a place to keep whatever you want.

These magnets keep the can on my filing cabinet without a problem, and even with all of the stuff in it, it still takes some force to remove it.

It's perfect for holding small screwdrivers or other tools that you need easily accesible but still out of your way.

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    4 Discussions


    10 years ago on Introduction

    So simple and elegant! It probably took you longer to post the Instructable than the actual solution! Thanks for taking the time to post!


    12 years ago on Introduction

    We've had a can stuck to an old speaker magnet on the side of our tool box for years, just sorta happened on day I was cleaning and the pencil can was in the way so I stuck it to the magnet next to the church key.


    12 years ago on Introduction

    Great Tool Tip!
    I would have never thought of making it stick to something with magnets.
    Definitely a smart idea.
    Nice job!