Super Easy Minecraft PE Trap

Introduction: Super Easy Minecraft PE Trap

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Hey guy today I will show you how to make super easy trap in minecraft PE or PC. So let's get started

Step 1: Dig.

Dig 2x2 hole that is 20 or 30 blocks deep.

Step 2: Arm the Trap

To arm the trap you need four pressure plates, four blocks of sand or gravel and four blocks of TNT. Place the TNT two blocks down and then put sand on top of the TNT. And top it off with pressure plates on top of the sand and your done. Go make your friend's step on it! If you have any questions feel free to ask and please vote. Thanks.



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    I just got signs and I got sand too and I positioned it so when you break the sign the sand falls and triggers the tnt

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    Nice biut I hope you don't mind if ask something about how to make these. Shoutout to everyone: I'm not sure how to make one and I have very good ideas please tell me how.( also the videos don't work so please don't do videos )

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    the basic idea is to fill the ground beneath you with tnt. Then place any block on top of it to hide the tnt. Then place pressure plates on top of one of those blocks so when someone steps on it the tnt would explode and kill stuff.

    I tried on my sis and she blew up and I stole all her stuff!! Thanks thesuperninja2 your awesome

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    Wouldn't it be obvious that it's a trap? Try making it blend in by using gravel with stone or wood and sand.

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    I know that. But this is just to show you how to build it. You can do what it ever you want.