Super Easy Paper Sword





Introduction: Super Easy Paper Sword

 This instructable is super easy and takes about an hour or so to make but when you've finished you have quite the product.  You literally only need two things for this project and they are both household items.  This is a great way to recycle old paper such as homework and what not.  

There is also a lot of customization that you can add yourself once you've finished your sword.


Be careful when swinging your sword or dagger, the paper can come loose and fly off.

WARNING!!! ---> These can get dangerous, I'm not kidding.  Be careful, they are heavy and leave bruises if struck hard enough.  Avoid from stabbing your best friend in the eye with one of these, they really frown on that. 

Step 1: What You Need

Materials you need:

Old homework or plain paper
1 roll of tape
(glue if you want)

I would use masking tape or electrical tape for the handle

As for the glue, if you'd like to make your sword or dagger stronger, heavier, and more stable then I would recommend using a little bit of glue between every piece.

Step 2: Creating the Parts

 The first thing you need to make is all the small pieces.  You'll need 25 sheets of paper for the blade.  What you need to do is create finger claws.  There are other instrucables out there on how to make them but for your convenience I'll post the directions to make them.

First select 25 sheets of paper, try to get paper with writing on one side and just plain white on the other.

Just follow the directions in the pics 

Step 3: Finishing Up Your Finger Claw

 I want to make this part as thorough as possible to avoid any type of confusion.  But in reality after you learn how to make these and you come up with a system you should be able to make 2-3 claws a minute.

Lots of steps, sorry

Step 4: Mass Production

 Now it's time to make 24 more of those.  Or more depending on how large you want this to be.

14 inch blade + 7 inch handle= 21 inch sword
  (25 pieces)    (about 12 pieces)

(this is what I'll be creating today)

Step 5: Creating the Blade Itself

 This is relatively simple now.  All you need to do is stick the lengths one into another and repeat until you have used all of the lengths.

Make sure to follow the pictures below for the building steps

Step 6: Making the Handle

 Making the handle is a relatively easy part as well.  You will only need about 12 to 15 lengths to make a generic handle.  But you can add as many as you like to add your own style to the sword or dagger depending on it's purpose.

Steps are below

Step 7: The Assembly of Your Weapon

 From here it's pretty self explanatory.  Just fit the handle into the blade and make sure it is a tight fit.  I suggest glue in all of the lengths or just connecting the handle to the sword.  Just don't go crazy with the glue ok.

You have yourself a generic sword made completely out of paper.  Be proud

Step 8: Customizing!

 A plain old sword won't strike fear into your enemies soul.  You must add battle marks and things that make your weapon more durable in a fight.  Here is a list of suggestions for customizing...

1. Tape around the handle (Better grip)
2. Construction paper tip (reinforces blade tip)
3. Black sharpie designs around blade (looks awesome)---(avoid sharpie on handle)
4. Coat contact points with light amount of rubber cement (more durable)
5. Make a split that goes into the end of your sword (to make the spilt just fold up some paper into a small knife shape fit it into the handle.  When in the heat of battle pull out the split for an upper hand)
6. Tape the entire blade up really tightly to make sure it won't ever come apart.
7. Replace certain lengths with different colored paper
8. Have a long strip of ribbon, string, or rope coming out of the back.  Tie some beads on the bad boy or something and let it hang.



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    21 Discussions

    I made a sheath instructable for this

    I just finished a dagger, AND IT IS SO COOL!!!!! IT LOOKS SO MUCH BETTER THAN THE FIRST ONE I MADE!!!!

    i cant figur out how 2 do handle i used cardboard tube

    Someone should try to come up with an idea for a sheath. That would be really legit.

    this is very nice the only thing i don't like about it is that it can fall out very easily unless you tape it or push them together very hard but hay it's very easy to make and to get the materials so it's a good strong paper sword.

    Do you just assemble it the same way as the blade and insert the pointy part into the back of the blade?

    Holy Cow! Awesome, but I make those all the time, you really don't need to shove them that close together!

    You should be able to slide the handle into the end of the blade.  Then just squeeze the two pieces together or add a little bit of glue to hold them together.

    How do you put the handle into the blade?

    you should post a pic of it up here.  So have you decided on making more of them or adding some detail to your sword?

    2 replies

    Yes i have to get some masking tape for the handle and im gonna do some designs on the blade with sharpie like maybe ill look up some japaneze symbols or something but idk yet ill post when i finish. im anxious to see your 3 footer

    ok im almost done but i wanna make another one but it took me a  while and my mom wasnt happy with the "waste of paper" but i probably will.

    Ok,(im posting like crazy lol) i completely dissasambked it and glues it and it looks much better and i measered and its 2 feet 1 inch

    wow my handle sucks but hey at least it works.

    DUDE!! THAT IS BEAST!!!! Iim gonna start mine in about 30 minutes so ill post the results!