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Introduction: Super Easy Paracord Bracelet

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SO I wanted to make my first ever paracord bracelet & it was NOT super easy, I have never done anything like this before or any kind of Rope work & spent many hours watching videos & reading instructables. There was so many fancy bracelets using 2 cords, 3 cords even 4!! some very fancy knots & in the mix some very poor instructions & photos on how to make the most:

Basic/Beginners Single Strand 550 Paracord Bracelet with a Quick Release Buckle!!!

Now hopefully I can achieve this, that is my hope, & that many will find this & not go through the tournament, stress & pain i did, OK it was not that traumatic but it was a little frustrating.

I picked up the main frame of this instructable from TheHowtoGuy who posted about a year ago, I have made changes & I hope what follows makes it super easy and super clear.

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Step 1: Tools & Some Room to Work!

Really simple stuff:

Paracord proper 550 7 strand in Olive green 8 feet should do for most bracelets, i used approximately 10 feet and had 3 feet left! but do not go to short as you need to be able to tie the end.

Hi Gear Quick Release Buckles 2cm I found these to be good sold Buckles & small enough for a bracelet.

A Lighter

Some clamps/pliers

A sharp Knife I use this one, budget bush craft knife made in Sweden, really nice 3/4 tang

You will need some work space, I live in a bedsit so I use the bed! This is easier if you have a clear area to lay the cord out.

Step 2: The First Weave

I think they call this the cobra weave, bit i am not here to get into any of that or knots where keeping this simple & I think now I look at it, it is simple & consists of 5 moves.

I hope these photo steps are as simple as I think they are!

In the next part of this instructable I will show you how to set up & practice this, my hope is you can set up the practice rig (it is a pair of scissors!) & then go through these steps & master it.

See the photos all instructions are there.

Step 3: Practice, Practice, Practice

It is well worth while taking some shorter pieces of cord if you have some to spare, shorter lengths are easier to practice with, you will need 2 pieces that are approximately 2 feet long each & a pair of scissors, a heavy large pair is better.

As you can see in the photos you need to take the cord & pass both pieces through the handle of the scissors so it is doubled over & the ends are even. One piece you will need to tie a knot at the end of the cord & then take the other cord & tie it so the knot is against the handle & the ends are free.

VERY IMPORTANT: this will be repeated in the next step! now you have done the first weave/knot remember work alternatively from right to left (or left to right!) Just remember to alternate each new first loop.

Now you can practice the weave form the last step till your happy. :)

Step 4: Ready, Set, Go...

OK lets get going... Hopefully if you follow the photos it will explain itself, but here are some bullet points.

  • Take your paracord 8 feet approx & lay it out doubled up with a loop at the top.
  • Take the male part of the clip, feed the loop at the end of the paracord through the large hole in the male clip.
  • Now pass your thumb & index finger through the loop & grip the track, below the clip, now pull it all the way through.
  • When you have pulled it all the way through you should have a secure knot (photo 4)
  • Now take the female part & pass the 2 loose ends through the bottom space
  • Pull it down the track, see photos 6 & 7
  • You will notice the female is pointing up, turn the bracelet over & spread the cord out as in photos 8 & 9
  • Now your ready to weave read other notes below.

Now your going to ask how do I size it the best way is to pull the female part of the clip down the track to about 8" from the male, make your first weave (pulling it tight) and then try it on, slacken of the weave to adjust it. then lay back out as in photo 9 when it fits, make a few more weaves, pulling it tight both ends, now try it on again, if your happy weave away.

IMPORTANT: now you have done the first weave/knot remember 'alternate' work Right then Left! if you make your first loop over the track with the right cord, then when you make the next weave pass the left cord over the track!

Step 5: The Finish Line

Finishing off is dead easy, once you weave your way to the end try to make it nice & tight to the knot you made around the male clip, then when your happy & you have checked the bracelet, check the weave & the size, then you can finish it off.

NOTE: You will need a sharp knife hear unless you have some really sharp scissors, scissors tend to make a mess of the ends as there not that sharp

- Take the two end's & tie them in a tight single over hand knot, pull the knot really tight

- Take one cord at a time & pull it tightly as you cut it away, cut as close to the the knot as you can, take care not to cut anything else.

- Now with the Lighterburn/scorch the end on the bracelet where you just cut, you want it nice & hot but be carefully of the buckle (it will melt) & do not set fire to it!!!

- While it is hot (Caution this stuff really burns if it gets on your skin!) take the clamps/pliers and squeeze the knot/bracelet tightly together, this will flatten it & help to bond it

- Repeat on the other side, you made need to run some heat over this the knot area so it just starts to melt and use the clamps to hold it tight while it cools to flatten and bond the ends.

Step 6: And That's It...

All done, I think it looks great & you will make other things from the same principle, I made the belt loop for my Knife sheath which can bee seen in the last few photos here.

I hope you have found it clear & easy, if you are reading this & have got all the way through & your having issues or think it needs to be simpler let me no :)

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    5 years ago

    nicely done! well written as well. I keep a utility knife just for doing paracord stuff. when i burn the ends at the finish , i barely mash it against the bracelet so IF i need to use the cord it is easier to free it up. Soon i will do a i'ble on key fob i like to make ... super simple using up to 5 cords at 4 ft each.