Super Easy Quadcopter(超级简单四轴无人机)

This Instructable contains both English and Chinese versions. 此instructable 包含中文版

Quadcopters are quite expensive now, but if one can make his own quadcopter, he will not need to spend so much money. Every part of my Quadcopter was bought on the internet, and I just need to put them together. Sounds easy, right? It is actually easier than it seems to be.

Chinese version:


Step 1: Purchase Needed Items (购买零件)

It is super easy to make a quadcopter.

Everyone can make his or her own quadcopter with about 140 dollars. The first step is buying needed items.

1. High speed motor *4

2. ESC *4

3. Propeller *2pairs+

4. Q250 frame

5. Battery & charger

6. Flight control (CC3D recommended)

7. Remote control (FS-i6 recommended)

8. LibrePilot (a free software on the computer)

Items below are not required but recommended

1. Heat Gun

2. eCalc (a special calculator)

3. Hexagonal screwdriver

Chinese version (中文版)








Step 2: Build the Frame of Your Quadcopter(组装机架)

The Q250 kit usually contains a Manual, so we just need to follow it. A hexagonal screwdriver is required. Don't afraid that the battery cannot be put into the frame once it is finished; the battery should be of the premium size and can be implemented or taken out easily.

Chinese version

Q250 机架包含说明书,按说明书组装就可以了。 安装将需要六边螺丝刀。 不用担心在完成机架后无法安装电池,因为电池的尺寸刚刚好。

Step 3: Implement Motors and ESCs(安装电机与电调)

Solder the wires of ESCs on the PDB(the Power Distribution Board is contained in the Q250 kit) and put the ESCs under the frame and consolidate them with transparent sticky tapes. Don't hurry to solder 3 wires on ESCs to motors because their sequence is unknown now. Solder the ESCs to motors only after adjusting. You can temporarily put them together with Conductive Tapes. Glue the flight control and remote control receiver on the upper deck of the quadcopter and go to the next step.

Chinese version


Step 4: Connect Wires(接线)

The connection between the flight control and the ESCs is like this:

Right front: 1

Left front: 2

Left behind: 3

Right behind: 4

The connection between the flight control and the remote control receiver is like this:

First, attach the only bind with three wires the channel 1.

Then, from channel 2 to 6, the sequence of color of lines is : Brown, Red, Orange, White, and Yellow. In fact, the sequence of wires on the flight control is of the same sequence of wires on the receiver.

Chinese version








从CH2到CH6的线的颜色依次为:棕,红,橙,白,黄。 其实,无线电接收器上的线的顺序与非空上线的顺序是一致的。

Step 5: LibrePilot Configuration (LibrePilot调试)

This step is rather simple; the guide on the Librepilot is simple enough and very easy to follow. Just follow all their steps and your quadcopter will be succesfully adjusted. Click the big yellow button on the right upper corner to start, and configure your remote control immediately to avoid mistakes. The sequence of wires between the ESCs and motors will be determined during the adjustment process.

Chinese version:


Step 6: Battery Charge & Install(电池的充电&安装)

Normal batteries cannot provided electric current strong enough to power high speed motors, so specialized batteries are needed. I recommend 3S 25C level battery because it is both powerful and light. This kind of battery also need special chargers to prevent explosion. Also, the Q250 frame may not contain wires that connect its PDB the the battery. Better consult the seller if their Q250 have wires and shown in the third picture. You will need to buy this wire if your Q250 frame doesn't contain it.

Chinese version:

一般的电池无法为高速电机提供足够的电流,必须使用航模专用电池。建议使用3S 25C等级的电池以提供澎湃的动力。这种电池需要专门的充电器以避免爆炸。您所购买的Q250机架可能没有PDB板与电池的连接线。在购买前可以询问商家是否赠送充电线,如果没有则需额外购买。

Step 7: First Flight(第一次飞行)

It is not easy for new comers to control a quadcopter. It respond to your controller really fast and may move to directions with out control. Don't fly too high on your first flight and make sure that no one is surrounding the quadcopter. If your quadcopter goes out of control, just close the accelerator and let it fall to the ground in order not to harm people. If the propellers are broken unluckily, you will have to use new propellers. This is why that you should but more than 2 pairs of propellers.

Chinese version

飞行四轴无人机并不简单。它反应速度很快,并且可能突然向未知方向移动。在第一次飞行时不要飞太高,并且确认飞行边没有人。若飞机失控,关闭油门使其自由落体,以避免对他人带来伤害。 若桨叶损坏,您将不得不跟换新桨叶,所以建议购买额外的备用桨叶。



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    2 years ago

    It's a beautiful go board underneath.


    2 years ago

    I noticed that there is not much Chinese on Instructables, so I deliberately make a Chinese version of it to attracted Chinese! I will be REALLY happy if I can make some Chinese friend on Instructable!