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Introduction: Super Easy Starter Kite

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Make a kite out of household stuff! A really easy and small kite that kids will love to play with. It doesn't fly high or far, but it dances around in a good bit of wind.

Step 1: Gather Materials

This project will require drinking straws (x3), a plastic bag, some scotch tape, string, and a pencil (not pictured.) You will also need some scissors.

Step 2: Build the Frame

The frame is made with the straws. First, cut a notch out of each of the ends of one straw. Be careful not to go all the way through, you still want part of it remaining. Next, lay out the other two straws parallel to each other with the cut straw forming an "H" between them. Then, the fold the notches on the middle straw around the side straws and tape it down. You should now have the "H" shape.

Now, take the end of the string and feed it through one straw, then feed it through the other straw. It should make a big square. Cut the string and tie the ends together. You want it to be taut, but not bending the straws.

Step 3: Make the Skin

Take the plastic bag and set the straw frame down on it. Cut a square of plastic out around the "H", leaving an extra inch of plastic on each side. Only cut one ply of plastic, and don't cut through the sides of the bag, because we will use those later.

Once you have your square, cut notches out of the corners of the square. The notches should expose the corners of the frame as shown in the picture. Then, fold the flaps of plastic over and tape them down to fasten them to the frame. Do this on all four sides. The plastic should be taut, but not bending the frame.

Step 4: Make Tails

Take the left overs from the plastic bag. Cut strips down the side running from the handle to the bottom. The goal is to get two 3' lengths out of it. So however you do it is fine. Take the end of the strip and roll it up a little bit so you can tie it. Then loop it around a corner and tie it on. Do the same thing for the other strip, but be sure you get it in the right location. Refer to the picture below.

These will serve as the tails for the kite. They will provide some stability, but they will also look cool.

Step 5: Attach the Line

Cut a long length of string (20' or so) and then tape one end to a pencil. Then spin the pencil in your hands to wrap the rest of the string around it. Then poke a hole in the plastic right along the middle straw toward one side of the kite. Take the string that you wrapped around the pencil, and feed one end through the hole from the non-straw side. Then you should be able to tie the string around the straw and have it fastened to the kite. Now, take a small piece of string (6"). Poke another hole towards the edge on the opposite side of the kite. Feed the small string in from the non-straw side and then tie it to the straw. Take the other end of that string and tie it to the main string. The knot should be able to slide up and down, refer to the picture for more info.

Step 6: Go Fly a Kite!

Take the kite out in some good wind. It needs to be constant, but not too strong. See what works best for your kite. My kite didn't fly very high, but it danced around and did all sorts of cool stuff. It was like a little trick kite. Make sure all of your knots are good too, because they will tend to come undone.

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    13 years ago

    I have to show this to my neighbor. Her son loves to make things. The simple stuff used to and still does amuse me the best! Thanks for sharing.