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I never thought making rings would be as much fun as making pendants. I am always amazed by the way stone chips add beauty to ordinary things like my Beer Bottle Cap Pendant. I you have not seen it. Please check out :).

So this time I will show you how easy it is to create beautiful rings made using stone chips and some pebbles.

Lets get started. I bet once you know how easy they are you will make dozens of them :)

This is going to be over simplistic, consider yourself warned :)

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Step 1: Stuff You Need

These are the only items you need to make these beautiful stone chip rings.
  1. Stones chips
  2. Few transparent round Aquarium glass pebbles. You can use colored ones too to match stones. 
  3. Some sort of instant glue like Super glue or Fevi-Kwick.
  4. Some Blank rings (You can get them at crafts store or any artificial jewelry store too)

Step 2: Making the Ring

Creating this ring is more of an idea. Combine this idea with your creativity and you can make many beautiful rings (read things :)). So, to make this beautiful ring, proceed as follows:
  1. Stick the pebble on to blank ring  (Image 1).
  2. Once it is secured, start gluing the stone chips, starting from top center of the pebble (Image 2).
  3. Cover the complete pebble by gluing stone chips all over it (Image 3).

What more you want?

You just created an awesome stone chip ring :). Congratulations!!!

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Thanks for  taking time to visit and read this iBle. If you like this instructable & vote for me, I promise to present you more awesome instructables :) in future :)

Do share your feedback in the comments below, along with your questions.  

Some tiny tips:

  1. Try using colored pebble, same color as of stone. Forr example green (did you notice I shown green in step 1).
  2. While applying instant glue, avoid contact with hands it may leave finger prints on stones and make them look untidy.
  3. Using tweezer to pick & stick stones can be very handy.
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    5 years ago on Introduction

    You could also use crystal clay or DeCoRe clay (both of which come in a variety of colors) for this purpose. Pack the "bezel" or "channel" portion of a ring blank with the clay and simply embed your stone chips. On YouTube you can find a number of videos showing how to do this with chatons, beads, etc. but there's no reason that stone chips wouldn't work just as well - and perhaps even more beautifully.

    2 replies

    I should add that the reason for using a room-temperature-cure clay epoxy such as those I mentioned is that there's no need for a kiln, oven, etc., and there's no possibility of harming any materials with high heat as no heat is required for these materials to cure. Even kids can make beautiful jewelry without risk of being burned.


    I love these. I dont normally make jewelry but you have inspired me to have a go. I think they are sooo cute. x

    1 reply

    6 years ago on Introduction

    Tarun - I didn't realize you had posted this until now! I noticed these rings before because they are so cute! What a great idea! :)

    1 reply