Super Easy Sweater Boots




Introduction: Super Easy Sweater Boots

Ok I am sorry I do not have any pictures in this instructable but I will go into as much detail as I can

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Step 1: Materials

Old sweater, old flats that are old and worn or just too ugly to wear, and a hot glue gun

Step 2: Cut the Sleeves

Cut the sleeves at the seam or were the torso is connected to the sleeve

Step 3: Slide on the Sleeve Over the Flat

Slide on the sleeve. Where the wrist would be if you had it on, that part will be mid calf to knee high depending on your leg height.

Step 4: The Last Step, Glueing (or Sewing ) He Sweater to the Flat

Ok so now that you have the sweater sleeve in place you can start glueing with the hot glue gun. Then you are done. If you want a more store bought look then so not glue, sew the sleeve to the sole of the flat.

Step 5: Finishing

If you want to add buttons or embroidery go ahead and deck out your new sweater boots

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