Super Easy Way to Mount Non-VESA Monitors




Introduction: Super Easy Way to Mount Non-VESA Monitors

I've spend a long time searching for a solution for non-VESA mounting on google.

Solution 1: Buy a drill and make a few holes. It's too hard for, my monitor looks slim and I'm terrified of damaging something internally

Soltuion 2: use glue or sellotape. It might look uglily and I'm afraid it wouldn't do the job long term

Solution 3: buy a new monitor with VESA holes.... :(

Solution 4: buy a vesa adapter kit......this is the solution I used

Tools: 1. your monitor; 2. a monitor arm; 3. VESA adapter kit

Steps: 1. remove the stand; 2. connect the adapter kit to the arm; 3. attach the monitor to the adapter kit

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Step 1: Remove the Stand

This is easy

Step 2: Connect the Adapter Kit to the Arm

Bought a VESA adapter kit. Check the specifications to make sure if it supports your monitors.

The adapter kit I bought is Loctek DA2. It is compatible with 19" to 27" screen sizes. max. 44 lbs/ 20 kg VESA Mount Adapter (100 X 100 mounting holes)

1. Screw adjustable clamps into fixed plates; Then put anti-slip rubber pads (This step is VERY IMPORTANT! Your monitor might slip from the kit if you skip this step.)

2. Fit adapter screws through VESA holes on mount

3. Adjust the length of the top and bottom plates to fit the size of the monitor

Step 3: Attach the Monitor to the Adapter Kit

Done!! And be careful NOT use your monitor in portrait mode!!!

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    4 Discussions


    4 years ago

    Can you link to where u got that kit? Cant seem to find any on ebay?


    Reply 4 years ago

    I'm not sure if Ebay sells it. The model # is Loctek DA2


    Reply 4 years ago

    I bought from Loctek