Super Easy and Really Practical Memory Card Labels

This is a tutorial on how to make memory card labels for your PlayStation 1 or PlayStation 2 game console. The idea had originally come from my father, who was an avid gamer back in his day. The memory of drinking Hawaiian Punch and eating pizza flavored Pringles always stuck with me. Along side all of that, was how neat the memory cards used to look. They were "different" somehow, better. Here's how you can make your own.

Step 1: Figuring Out the Dimensions of Where the Label Is Supposed to Go

So in other words.. Estimate the approximate Width and Length that needs to be cut from the index card, and glued to the memory card. It should be somewhere around two inches by five inches. You will need clear tape (Scotch usually works the best), a pair of scissors, glue, the cards themselves, an ink pen, and possibly some napkins. Feel free to improvise at any given point within the project, and use materials that have not already been specified.

Step 2: Before Glueing the Completed Index Card Label

Write a list on the label of data that the memory card contains, and then laminate it with tape so it is better protected from moisture and more ascetically presentable. Then wipe away any residue that's left over from the glue (I used a generic brand) with a napkin, so it doesn't dry and make your handwriting difficult to read.



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