Multi-floor Redstone Elevator

Introduction: Multi-floor Redstone Elevator

This is an insanely fast elevator that can go multi-floor! It must be built in north or south otherwise it will not work.

Step 1: Starting the Build

Count 5 blocks off of the ground and place a sticky piston that is facing forwards next to it. Remember, this build only works facing north or south. East and west do not work.

Step 2: Adding the Sticky Pistons

From that wool block and sticky piston, continue the pattern upwards until the top sticky piston is on the left.

Step 3: Pistons and Border

Now, in the place of the sticky pistons, place regular pistons that are facing forwards. In front of the wool blocks place a block of choice, these blocks will be seen. Underneath the floating tower of awesomeness, place a 6x2 pattern of wool blocks. Now create a border that is 1 block thin going up to the top.

Step 4: Bottom Mechanics (1)

On the 6x2 wool blocks place 4 repeaters and 2 redstone dust.The front 2 repeaters are set to 4 ticks, back left is 3 ticks, and back right is 2.

Step 5: Lots of Torches (1)

Now place redstone dust running down to the back (as shown in the picture). Now place 2 redstone torches in front of the wool. Now place two wool blocks on top of them. Now add 2 torches on the wool side. Now place 2 wool on top of the torches and put another 2 torches behind. Repeat this pattern to the top. Make sure it is 1 in front, 1 behind.

Step 6: Red Wool

Now place red wool on both sides of the torches. Now place torches on the red wool (as shown in the picture).

Step 7: Continuing

Now place 2 wool blocks out of the red wool. On both sides, make sure that you can see the pistons. Now place a piece of redstone dust on a block, and a repeater set to 2 ticks on the other (as shown in the picture).

Step 8: Bottom Mechanics (2)

Add 2 wool blocks with redstone dust on the bottom mechanics. Now put 6 blocks of wool coming out. Make the first 2 repeaters on 4 ticks. Now place a sticky piston with wool on top. Place 2 more repeaters coming out on 1 tick, and at the end place redstone dust. Now place a sticky piston with a piece of wool on the end. In front of the wool place a redstone torch 1 block down. In front of the torch place 2 redstone dust in front of the torch. Now place 2 redstone repeaters set to 1 tick 1 block down, going into the blocks with redstone torches on them (sorry it's not in the picture).

Step 9: Visible Stuff

Now place a sticky piston and wool on top of the redstone. Place blocks of choice on top. Make a 6x2 set of blocks going into the sticky piston and wool. The left 2 repeaters are on 4 ticks, right 2 on 1 tick. At the back place redstone dust on the left, and a block of wool on the right, on the wool place redstone. Now cover it with blocks of choice, make sure not to cut off the connection of the redstone. On top of the wool with redstone place a block of choice with a button on it.

Step 10: Glass

Now place glass 1 block in front of the pistons. Leave a 2x2 gap at the bottom so that you can walk into the elevator (as shown in the picture).

Step 11: Floors

Now continue your block of choice on sideways. Create sticky pistons where you want your floors.

Step 12: Levers!

Now add levers. Make them one block apart. Sorry, I forgot to, make sure to do it to yours! Now add some wool blocks and put a repeater on one, and a redstone torch on the other.

Step 13:

Now on top of the torch, place wool with redstone dust. Have the dust run into the repeater that runs into the block that the torch which goes into the pistons, and place a block of wool on top. Make redstone dust go around the back of the elevator and repeat on the other side.

Step 14: Floors

Do the same for the second floor. Use a torch tower to go up to the positioning (as shown in the picture). For the top floor leave it. No redstone for this as the top is always open.

Step 15: Lets Go!

Flick a lever and position yourself in the middle of the two blocks. Press the button and you will shoot up. You can have as many floors as you want!

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    2 years ago

    This is so cool! I think its a winner!

    Penolopy Bulnick
    Penolopy Bulnick

    2 years ago

    This is intense! Looks complicated, but fun! Any chance you can get a video of it in action?