Super Glue Keychain

Welcome to my first instructable i will be showing you how to make a handy keychain that will allow you to have a bottle of superglue on you no matter where you are.

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Step 1: Prelude

I need to carry a bottle of superglue with me everyday of my life because of a skin condition. In doing so i found it very cumbersome to have it in my pocket or at least hard to find when i need it. This keychain can be used for many occasions like fixing broken items, repairing a seam, keeping things together, and many other uses just think of it at that roll of duct tape you got hidden in your bag.

Step 2: Parts List

These are the items that you will need to make this superglue keychain.

2X----tubes of superglue (one you will be turning into the keychain)
1X----Duct tape

Cutting tool such as scissors, knife, blade, ect

Step 3: Cord Work

First: Cut a section of your para cord to about 4.5" to 5" and slightly melt both ends so they do no fray out at all.

Second: Put a line of glue on one super glue container from just below the cap to the bottom and place the cord on top of this. Run glue up and down both sides of the cord to secure it effectively.

Finally: Repeat the second step so that you have both ends glue to container and a loop forms across the bottom of the bottle.

Step 4: Tape Work

First: Cut a section of tape about 7 inches this can be reduced to your preferences.

Second: Measure in from one edge of tape 1 1/8" in and rip length wise.

Third: Use the thin section to wrap in between the cord from cap to cap.

Fourth: Use the wide section to wrap around the whole body (i found it helps to use finger nail along the cord to make a crisp look.

Final: Remove cap and roll finger on tape to make flat and even.

Step 5: Conclusion

Now that you have a superglue keychain you can fix anything on the go. Almost anyone who usually carries a little duct tape on the will probably enjoy this instructable.

This being my first instructable there probably is room for improvement so leave a comment and help a person out.
Thank You
Isaac Gs0

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    14 Discussions


    10 years ago on Introduction

    OK, i'm intrigued! If it's not too personal, how can superglue help a skin condition? As far as I'm aware most superglues are cyanide based!

    4 replies
    Father Christmaspiks

    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    I must say, I have the same question. The only reason I carry around superglue is for the fact that I have an annoyingly severe nail-biting habit and constantly rip the nail tip from the bed, and use the glue to seal it and prevent further rips.

    harmonious1Father Christmas

    Reply 2 years ago

    I'm doing the same thing and it is working for me. My nails are finally growing out.

    Well i have the skin condition psoriasis (not sorosis) it makes hard callusis and they cause the skin to crack like a paper cut and bleed sometimes. This closes the crack and gives time to heal. It has cyanoacylate in it which is form my knowledge is not dangerous through the skin possibly through the lungs.
    this confirms my knowledge


    10 years ago on Introduction

    I heard superglue was used as improvised solutions to mending wounds during wars, it sounds like a good idea to me. I mean thats assuming you have non-toxic glue

    4 replies

    That is true, my grandpa was telling me that in Vietnam they would superglue, or duct tape wounds together. it must suck taking it off


    it would probably fall out after it healed, rejected by the body. The superglue they use now on wounds is different, you can find it on wikipedia. Seems like its less toxic