Super Green-House



Grow vegestable indoor without electicite.

Step 1: Supplies for Green House

1. battery powerd lights

2. food server film

3. vegestable seeds

4. Plastic stakes

5. Small plastic turbine

6. dirt

7. plastic bin

8. wire cutters

Step 2: Put It All Together

1.put dirt in the bin up to 5 inches.

2. Plant 4 seed on each side in a line.

3. Stick 4 stakes in the center of the bin.

4.Stretch the plastic over the stakes

5. cut the battery pack of the lights and attach the turbine to the wire of the lights.

6.Set the turbine up faceing the wind.

7.fill the water bottle with hot water and attach it to the straw pocked into the green house.



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