Super Heavy Duty Jump Leads

Introduction: Super Heavy Duty Jump Leads

The basic reasoning for this is simple, I enjoy to play with and work on cars, as such I often end up jump starting other ones.
I have had many a pair of jump leads, most of which all had the same two problems even the expensive models that I have owned.
That it the cable clamps are generally useless and the cable size and quality is poor to say the least.
So I set about making up a pair myself, now this it the mK2 model, revised and improved on the first, but the principles are all the same.

Simply put, you need 3 things -

Decent cable
Solid clamps
A means of disconnecting and connecting

The reason for the latter it that these are designed to used from one vehicle only.

The leads are 2800 mm long from the Anderson plug to clamp, this is more than enough, but I always figured more is better than not enough

The cable from battery to the first Anderson plug is 0 AWG and is 500 mm long for the positive and 450 mm for the negative

The cable from the Anderson plug to the clamps is 2 AWG again at 2800 mm long

The Anderson plugs are 600v 175 Amp rated.

The cable clamps are MIG welding earthing clamps with revised contacts.

The total cost for this was £80 posted, not including consumables like heat shrink, solder, tools, battery posts (already had for installation)  and time.
This may sound high, but for some leads I know will work every time, first time and not need replacing in a long time, i think it's worth it.
I shall right up the full instructions later when i make another set, but for now here is the finished picture.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Great job, and i understand exactly why you have made these up. I too have started to put together my own, with the Anderson plugs as I cannot easily get to the battery on my Land Rover, and I always need to start heavy machinery. One thing that has puzzled me though is that I have bought 800A jump leads, but the Anderson Plugs are only rated at 175A. Why is there such a discrepancy? I have read that starting motors can draw 500+ A, so why is the Anderson Plug so underrated, and does it matter as the high amperage is at initial start up, and quickly drops (I think). My 800A leads are 7 Metres long.
    Any thoughts on this would be welcome.

    Sorry to say but your "math" is off, current ratings of connectors do not change with the voltage rating. 175A connector is 175 A no matter what the voltage. The voltage rating has to do with the insulation's ability to withstand "arc-over". Other than that good job !!


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    It has been changed, was chatting to my local electrician and all became clear. Thank you though.