Super Hero Costume - Sewless With Belt

Introduction: Super Hero Costume - Sewless With Belt

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Using the guidance from the super hero costume at by member Holloughby I was able to make a new costume today in just a few hours.  However, I have made some edits to it.  All the marks for sewing, I used hot glue.  I updated the cape so it didn't need safety pins (I had none on hand) and I added a belt.

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Step 1: The Cape

For the cape, I did not have safety pins available. So, instead of cutting along the shoulder seam, I cut around the collar and left it attached.  This way it will slip over my head to put it on and off.  For the star, I used a trim of fabric to make the L rather then just plain marker.  To do this, I cut part of the front shirt into a strip and hot glued it along a sharpie marked script L.  Better pictures under the belt.

Step 2: Belt

I decided to make a belt since I wouldn't have a good bottom to match (just sweat pants in gray).  For the belt, I cut the bottom of the front of the shirt into three even strips.  I then clued a hem on so that the edges didn't look to ragged.  Once the hem was done I glued the pieces together leaving one opening in the back making one long strip.  Then I decorated the belt.  In the front center I added a strip of coordinating felt with another L.  Again to do the L, I drew it on, cut a thin strip from the front, and placed it down with hot glue to stay.  Then over the two seams, I made stars that matched the buttons on the arm bands.

Step 3: All of the Pieces

Here is a look at all of the pieces.

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