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Introduction: Superhero Costume.

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I'm going to show you how to make a super cool Superhero Costume out of an old 'T'shirt. You can wear yourself or give as a present to a dad or a granddad. Better still you could get together and make a costume each. 

 It has an eye mask, a cape with a logo and wristbands with imaginary gadgets. Mine is made out of a pink 'T'shirt as a lot of my old 'T'shirts are pink, but of course you can use any colour 'T'shirt you like!

This is the kind of present anyone's dad would love. He could wear it while he has a special Father's Day dinner, playing in the garden or just watching TV.

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Step 1: What You Will Need.

An adult size 'T'shirt. The one I'm using is a UK size 12 but the bigger the better really. Ask someone if they have an old one you could use or buy one very cheaply in a supermarket or chain clothes shop.
A largeish roll of tape for drawing around.
A marker pen.
Some paper.
A piece of felt about 14cm by 20cm that matches your 'T'shirt for logos.
Another piece of felt about 10cm by 20cm, any colour.
Thread to match your 'T'shirt and logo felt.
A needle.
Some pins.
Two safety pins.
A ruler.

Step 2: Prepare the 'T'shirt.

The diagrams show you how to cut up the 'T'shirt. In diagram a. the dotted lines show where to cut. 

1. Cut in from the neck along the shoulder seam.

2. Cut the sleeves off around the seam.

3. Cut down the side seams.

4. Cut the hem off the FRONT piece only.

Diagram b. shows what pieces you should have.

Step 3: The Eyemask.

1. Fold a piece of paper in half and put it down on the table with the fold at the top.

2. Draw around the roll of tape with a bit slightly overlapping the fold of the paper. 

3. Cut the shape out.

4. Put the fold facing the right, snip a slanty line from the bottom corner. This is to make room for the nose of whoever is wearing it.

5.  Open it out again.

6. If you aren't happy with the shape, trim it a bit to get it how you want it. It's a good idea to fold it up again before you trim it as then you get a symmetrical shape.

7. Put it on your face and try and figure out where your eyes are. I put a finger on where I thought the middle of my eye was while I had it on my face, then put a dot where my finger was. Then I drew an eye shape around that dot.

8. Fold your paper mask in half again. Cut both eye holes out at the same time, so they'll be symmetrical.

9. Make the mask out of felt and then cover it with the 'T'shirt material. This way the mask stays in shape when it's on your face.

10. Pin the paper mask to about 20cm by 10cm of any colour felt, draw around it with the marker, don't forget to draw the eye holes!

11. Cut the hem in half to make two straps.

12. Pin these to either side of the felt mask at the top of the eye holes and sew them on.

13. Pin your paper mask pattern to a bit of the front 'T'shirt piece, draw around it, make sure you remember to draw the eye holes on.

14. Cut around the lines.

15. Pin it on top of your felt mask.

16. Sew around the edge with over stitch to hold the two pieces together.

17. Sew with over stitch around the eye holes too.

The mask is done!

Step 4: The Cape.

1. Get the back piece of the 'T'shirt and lay it flat on the table. Cut a line from the bottom corner to the shoulder like in diagram c. This makes the triangle cape shape.

2. Diagram d. shows what we are going to do to finish the cape.

3. Open up the safety pins so that you know which side stays shut. Sew the side that stays shut to the underside of the cape shoulders with a few stitches. Sew one safety pin to each shoulder. These safety pins can pin on to the shoulders of whatever top you are wearing.

4. I'm making this out fit for my dad. His name is Ed so I made a Super Ed logo. I used bubble writing to write the initial letter E of his name inside a bubble writing circle. You can make your logo whatever you want it to be.
I recommend starting with a basic bubble shape like a circle or a triangle or a square and then drawing something inside it. Make sure the thing you draw inside touches the edges of the outer shape as we're going to cut out the gaps.

5. Cut out your design and pin it on to your logo felt. Pin it so you don't waste any felt. We'll be using the rest later on. 

6. Draw around it with a marker. 

7. Cut the felt logo out and go over any lines you want to stand out with the marker pen.

8. Pin the logo on to the top part of the cape.

9. Sew around the edge with over stitch. You can make the stitches quite big so it doesn't really take that long. Sew around the inside of the logo, around the letter or design. Sew any loose edges down.

The cape is done!

Step 5: The Wristbands With Imaginary Gadgets.

1. From the front part of the 'T'shirt, cut two triangles about 16cm long 10 cm wide.

2. These should be big enough to fit around most people's wrists. Check them and cut them down a bit if they are a bit big.

3. Cut out some shapes from the remainder of the logo felt and pin them to the wristband rectangles. You can use any shapes. I've got two squares. These are going to be buttons on my wristbands that shoot out nets to catch people in!
The rectangle is a sliding button that turns the sun up and down, so it can be light or dark whenever I want. Woo! Imaginary gadgets are fun.

5. Sew them down like you did the logo.

6. Fold the wristbands in half with the buttons on the inside and pin them.

7. Sew them up with over stitch along the open edge, don't sew up the arm holes.

8. Pew! Caught you in a net!

And there we are! A super Super hero outfit!

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    This is so awesome! I love your innovation and refashioning !


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Wonderful! The instructable is clear and wonderfully documented, the idea is great, and it's quite a resourceful and effective creation from so few components. Very nice!


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Cool. I like the mask. My kids already have their own personalized capes, but we will be making the mask. They'll love it.


    Wow... Great job... slightly atypical Father's Day colours but very cool nonetheless... my dad has the watching tv super power too... Thanks for sharing!


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Neat! I was just looking for a way to reuse old t-shirts, this is perfect! Easy for beginners like me.

    Another idea: sewing the logo to the front of another plain t-shirt (that way anyone can open their button shirt a-la-superman revealing their superhero identity)


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Hey, Thanks!

    Yeah! Your other 'T'shirt idea is so great! I should make one for my dad. :D


    8 years ago on Introduction

    This is such a cute and creative idea! I will be trying it, thanks for adding.