Super Loud Cap Gun- for Under a Tenner!

Let's face it: cap guns are a bit, well, rubbish. However, you can make your own that is a 0.075% louder- just joking! The bang on your very own Super Loud Cap Gun is scarily thrilling! I must say that it may be slightly hit and miss, depending on the precision that you give it, but I will explain how to make it to perfection.

I have only shot this once, because I was too excited about making this- my first Instructable. It might singe the end of your gun slightly, but it won't blast your gun to pieces if you use the caps with moderation. So, just to say, I really can't be held responsible for any injury or damage etc.

Here are a few of safety precautions, and why I think they matter:
1. Don't point it in front of people- the 'firing pin' (actually a 6mm BB pellet) could bypass the caps and shoot straight out like if you were shooting at them with a BB pistol anyway
2. Don't put it next to your ear- it WILL make you go deaf if gun is cocked and it accidentally fires
3. Make sure gunpowder (or whatever they put in caps these days) won't spray out (potentially into peoples eyes/food)
4. I fired it in a bathroom- and the sound echoes like hell in a bathroom (ouch!)

So, I suppose I need to show you some basic ingredients to the Super Loud Cap Gun- these can be seen in the images for the intro by the way:
1. A BB Pistol and BB/Airsoft pellets
2. Some paper roll caps
3. Tape and scissors (or just a tape dispenser)

You can use a cheap BB pistol- in fact I would expect that you would much rather break a BB pistol that you got for £5 than a £100 gas blow-back. Oh- and I almost forgot- this Instructable is 110% non-obtrusive so you shouldn't need to open your BB gun up at all. It will still be a BB gun- it hasn't been modified.

Finally, if you make an upgrade to this design- please, please, please: make an Instructable out of it (and don't forget to put my name somewhere on it for credit) and notify me so I can make my own better.
Thanks, let's get started then!

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Step 1: Make the Caps

 Basically, you need to make the caps bang louder and work with your BB gun. So, take your roll of caps and tear off a strip of 12 caps. Then fold them tightly so it looks like in the picture (sorry about the poor quality). Then, you want to tightly tape around them, making sure that on one of the flat faces, there is a cap directly in the centre, that will make dead-on contact with the firing pin. By the way, I'm using the term 'firing pin' as it is easier to picture than BB pellet.

Step 2: Cock the Gun and Tape the Caps On

 Now you will need to cock the gun, as if you do it later the caps will unfasten themselves. Now tape the caps straight over the barrel of the gun firmly in place, so that they don't move. Also, make sure that a cap is directly over the middle of the barrel, so that a BB pellet will hit it dead-on.

Step 3: Fire!

 Pull the trigger and Bob's your Uncle! You'll have to repeat these steps each time you fire, and if it doesn't all go off loudly with a bang keep trying- but don't let your guard down as you're pulling the trigger!



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