Super Mario Bros. 3 Beer Pong and Flip Cup Table





Introduction: Super Mario Bros. 3 Beer Pong and Flip Cup Table

This table is a one of a kind item that took well over 100 hours to produce. I blew up and printed images of over 300 things from Super Mario Bros. 3 and cut them out pixel by pixel. Then I glued them down to a table (yes it does have legs) after painting it a blue shade from SMB3 and then put 6 or so coats of polyurathane over it.

For use with beer pong, I used the castle on each end of the the table. The castle has steps that fit nicely with the 10 cup game (note I added Bowser and his 7 Koopa Kids to the castles as well as a few toads, Peach and some fire balls).

For use with flip cup, I have friends who love certain worlds of SMB3 so they have "shotty" a world. There are the 8 worlds and thus 8 sections for flip cup. My favourite is the desert land one due to that sun!

Both beer pong and flip cup can be played at the same time too!

Just add friends, cups and beer!



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    This is a great Instructable and is very informative. Just one thing is missing... the video! It really helps a lot when trying to follow directions so you should consider reuploading the video.

    Once you do that leave me a message so that we can republish your work.

    Thanks for the cool Instructable and we hope to publish this soon!

    just want to know have you put the sprite up yet in a file, as this is amazing and would love to waste 100 hour of my life making one :)


    Once everything is out, would you be ok with me copying this idea???

    SO SWEET!!!! <3 x (crooked 8 here!)

    can i come to your house and play??

    I am in the process of writing final examinations but I have created one massive file which I intend to upload for a free download for others :)