Super Mario Bros on an 8x8 RGB LED Matrix Display Using a Pic Microcontroller




I will be uploading an instructable of how you can make your own LEDBOY game system which will enable you to play this game. Please note that This game is still a work in progress as there are only currently four levels (I still have over thirty to program in) and also there are no bad guys or items to pick up just yet.

I think it will be quite fun once completed though.

I have given this version of the game the name "Super Pixel Bros"

Also, I have tried to replicate the exact levels from the original game as closely as I could within the 64 pixels that I have.



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    I have actually finished it and designed a circuit board for it (and have made the game better)

    I just couldn't be bothered writing the instructable = )

    I will be uploading all the details to my website soon instead,


    8 years ago on Introduction

    I am really interested to know how you made the casing for it

    I am just about finished with the new circuit board design and you will be able to build one for yourself. The new design has an LED screen for the game and an LCD screen to keep track of scores, lives and the level you are on.

    If it ever is sold as a product, you should have different cases. I was thinking that maybe you could put the screen in the middle of a NES remote controller, giving it that retro with a hint of modern (modern = Looks like a PSP) Nice share though, :D

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    I was actually thinking of different designs and have been using a NES controller with it. Unfortunately I have not found a way to combine the two very well because the screen is quite large and I have also included an extra LCD display which keeps track of the level you're on, your score and lives remaining.

    I am in the process of designing the new circuit board right now!


    The most expensive part is the 8x8 RGB Display which is around $15 - $20

    The microcontroller would be around $5 and then all the rest of the components are not too much at all So I guess if you allowed perhaps $30 to $40 for everything.

    I really need to get around to documenting the project though...