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Introduction: Super Mario Crossplay Costume!

I wanted a new costume, I wanted it to be cute! But still iconic and recognizable! I didn't see a tutorial on here for this type of costume. Mario is super fun and I can make all different types of this dress for his other forms (fire flower,ice flower, or even Luigi!)

This pattern actually can be adapted for many a costumes, nixing the iconic parts of Mario and adapting the top/shoes etc!

Step 1: Gather Your Materials!

For this quick costume, you will need:

A general knowledge of sewing. Sewing machine will be quicker but you can hand sew if you desire!

(np)Measuring tape to help draft your pattern. Paper and tape to draft the pattern on. Compass or other device that give you a circle in your choice of size, or you can skip the drafting!

Blue Fabric, depending on your size, I used 2 yards of Polyester two way stretch fabric, the blue was the perfect color. You can see it here, I got it at Hancock Fabrics Hancock Fabric Poly 2 way

I also got enough to make optional shorts.

Red Fabric and white to make your own hat!

I got red fleece for the main hat and a sheet of red and white felt for the logo.

(np)Bias Tape, for the circle skirts hem!

Big Yellow Buttons. Size is totally up to you though!

(np)Velcro if you do not want the buttons to be functional.

(np)White Gloves. I chose to make my own, but its easy to find a pair especially around winter!

(np)Red or Black stockings.

(np)Red shirt (long, short or sleeveless your choice!)

(np)Brown shoes! The cuter the better!


(np)about 10"x 5" of Dark Brown felt or fleece,glue, and a skinny dowel rod to make your own mustache handle!

(np)Hemostats: to help pull any inside out fabric right side out without damaging fabric!

(np)Saw to customize the length of the dowel.

Step 2: Draft Your Pattern!

This is basically a circle skirt with suspenders!

Circle skirts are incredible easy and just a little bit of math and measurement!

So take measurement where your skirt will sit, I chose my true waistline.

You can use this handy app for the math part or you can do it yourself!

Full Circular Skirt:
Waist Measurement minus 1″ and then multiplied by 1/6.

3/4 Circular Skirt: Waist Measurement minus 1″ and then multiplied by 1/5.

1/2 Circular Skirt: Waist Measurement minus 1″ and then multiplied by 1/3.

1/4 Circular Skirt: Waist Measurement multiplied by 2/3. No subtraction needed!

Handy app it only goes up to a 40" waist though!

You should be able to look up any number of circle skirt tutorials, just remember not to round off from a straight line of your radius. Use a compass if needed to draft your pattern correctly, use a number of sheets or go larger and use wrapping paper!

If you choose not to actually make a pattern on paper it can be pretty easy to fold and mark!

You can draft the suspenders and the belt line that you will need to attach the skirt too! just kinda gauge from whatever size your buttons are.

I did a 3" belt and suspenders to attach, 2" are the actual size, and 1/2" on each size for seam allowance. I like the look of cutting out two and sewing them together, you can also cut out one large and fold it in half! Whatever is easier, I like making more work for myself.

I made the belt a bit longer length than my waist

The suspenders are the same method but you will need to measure a comfortable length from the back of the belt to the front, don't make it too short! The suspenders can be smaller in width,but i like them all being the same.

For the hat I basically followed another instrutables superb directions but with notes like, cutting the smaller hole closer to the back of the cap for a wide/taller front

For me since the hat didn't stand up well on its own for me, I used some light cardboard to help shape it and keep it stiff. I also found if I pulled and sewed the top sides it kept its shape better!

Step 3: Cut and Pin the Fabric!

If you just want it to be cut in on continuous circle you'll need to fold the fabric in half length wise(making a long "hot dog" shape), then again width wise(like a hamburger bun! lol) and the corner without the selvages will be the where the waist will be.

So if you didn't cut and put together a paper pattern, You can easily mark and cut the fabric, start from the inner corner where there is no selvage, take a ruler and measure your radius down and mark with fabric pencils or just with pins. Then from your waist markings measure the length of your skirt. I choose 18"!

I marked them with pins and cut a little larger for the seam allowance.

When you cut the waist its better to cut smaller and make adjustments, you can't go back and make it smaller!

So then measure and cut your waist band and suspender straps! Don't forget the seam allowance!

Pin the fabric! I pin the right sides facing for the belt/straps and then to a top stitch to give a nice clean edge.

Step 4: Get Ready, Get Set, SEW!

remember to take the pins out as you sew, sew right sides together to make an even starting from the long side, round out the short end for a overall strap appearance(or you can do straight edges its up to you!), and sew the long side again leaving the last short side open, cut snips on the outside seam (not on the thread line right before it) so it can take its shape better(pictured), take hemostats or just your fingers and pull it through to flip to the right side.

You'll also do this for the belt but keep it straight on all sides and do not sew the short sides so you can pull it through and adjust as needed, but we will be sewing it on the outside. This will attach to the back of the belt.

Once the belt is sewn pin the circle skirt to the belt. check to see if it fits. I pinned it bottom wrong side belt to the top right side of the skirt and sewed a straight seam.

if there isn't too much overage sew belt to skirt!

I had a little left over on each side of the belt and instead of sewing it together I decided to keep it that way to add velcro to help it fit me properly, just use your best judgement!

Sew a seam on the bottom of the skirt!

sew the buttons to your straps and you can sew the straps straight on the belt or make it more functional with velcro!

This dress should be fine to slip over so you can probably attach on both sides and just slip it over your shirt and tights!

The straps may be long (thats good!) measure over your shoulders how long you want it to be, you can cut them since you will be sewing a fold over seam!

Its pretty easy!

Step 5: Additional Items

Gather your additional items!

Would you like to make the cute mustache?

Get your dowel rod and if its too long cut it where you need to!

Take some dark brown felt or fleece and cut out Marios Mustache!

I folded a paper in half so it would be symmetrical and used it as a pattern.

You might consider using cardboard to back it or even craft foam.

Step 6: Be Adorable!

You should be finished!

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    2 years ago

    weird...she made it a dress.


    4 years ago on Introduction

    ADORBS!! I love it! i wish my sewing machine worked,but it all taken apart luls ^-^ superb job!


    5 years ago on Introduction

    thanks sooo much I'm so excited this was received well, I was worried it was a bit muddled.

    I can't wait to make more!


    5 years ago

    This is so adorable!! It all came out really nice. :D