Super Mega Awesome Arduino Machine

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This machine helps the blind by warning then with a tap when they get within a certain distant of a wall. It's pretty wicked!!!

Step 1: Get Yourself the Materials

You will need...

An Arduino.

A Servo.

A Supersonic Sensor.

Many, Many Wires.

A laser cut box with two 16mm holes in it placed 10mm apart.

Battery Pack.


Step 2: Writing Out the Code

Copy out the code in the image!!!

Step 3: Making It

Copy the image!

Step 4: Box

Push the supersonic sensor through the two holes in the box and put everything in, connect the battery pack and viola!Complete!

Step 5: Collect Your Nobel Peace Prize

Congratulations, you cured blindness. Go collect your Nobel Peace Prize champion!



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    4 months ago

    I made this for my uncle and now he can get around on his own safely! Thank you so much! Fantastic and easy to read steps.

    1 reply