Super Mega Barrage RBG!!!





Introduction: Super Mega Barrage RBG!!!

Fires unlimited ammo in one shot - BARRAGE! Uses firing mechanism that has never been used before I hope - I just made it up. Easy to build, not many pieces needed, decent firing range.

#2 out now =

Step 1: Firing Mechanism and Trigger Part 1

the bits you need

just build what you see

the last 3 pics are the same thing - slide the white bit next to the brown piece to trap the rubber band
then, repeat this on the other end

Step 2: Firing Mechanism and Trigger Part 2

how all the bits fit together

again build what you see - find the appropriate bits made in the last step and put them together to look like the picture.

*2+3 are the same as each other
**6+7 are the same as each other

Step 3: The Grip

how to make the grip

build what you see again in step 1, then assemble the bits and attach them to the firing mechanism.
follow the pictures

Step 4: The Barrel

how to make the barrel

build what you see in pic 1, assemble it in pic 2 and then attach it to the firing mechanism in pic 3.

Step 5: The Stock

how to build the stock if you can be bothered

build what you see in pic 1, assemble bits in 2, attach it to body in pic 3.


Step 6: Loading and Firing

You're done!

Look at the pictures to load and fire the thing

Please bear in mind that you can add unlimited bands on each peg to fire as many as you want in one go.

Pull the trigger to unleash the power and send rubberbands flying towards the target.

If you're confused, want to ask a question or anything, drop me a comment or e-mail me at



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    6 Discussions

    A block trigger is specially meant for knex guns with firing pins. So if he made a block trigger for this it would be a congralations matter.

    lol i dunno im not an expert on this stuff, just cruise round the pro knex guys stuff and build a few and see if you can find something :)

    nice it sucks that i dont have any knex

    i agree with flames10391, congratulations on not making a block trigger!

    you could have put a little bit more time into this, and it looks very flimsy...but since it's your first...i'll congratulate you on not making a block trigger