Super Mini Layered Drip Cake AND So Easy to Make!!!

i going to show you hoy make super mini layered cake AND ITS so Easy

Step 1: Let's Make It

you just need
one brownie AND one cupcake or mini cupcake , wherever you want
just keep frosting to your cupcake or use botle frosting

now cut your cupcake in layers to 5 mm
about 4 AND ,2 CM diameter
now ensamble Like a bit cake carrefully
cake, frosting,cake , frosting ,cake ,use a stick to holder i used metal Clove to make flowers put on a frezzer 15 min

Step 2: Decorate

now continĂșe with a frosting on sides AND back again

put some sprinkles, caramel sauce ok top AND i put meringues but you can put candy,macarrons ,chocolate , wherever you want!!

ITS so fun to Maket try it!!!



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