Super Mini Magnum- How to Build



heres how to make the SMM:
You will need:
5 yellow
1 red
4 green
3 grey two capped
8 dark grey one capped 
2 white
4 orange
1 tan 
1 blue tan
10 green
7 white 
1 yellow 
1 red 
7 blue
3 blue spacers

Step 1: Make the Handle

pic 1: make all of what you see
pic 2: this is what it should look like 
pic 3: this is what it should look like inside the finished handle

Step 2: Make the Trigger

Pic one: add these to the handle on the inside 
pic two: make this

Step 3: Add the Handle and Trigger to the Gun

pic 1:add the barrel, handle, and trigger system to the gun.
Pic 2: insert the trigger system as shown
pic 3: add two dark grey one capped connectors to the blue rod in the picture.

Step 4: Finish Off the Gun

pic 1: construct and elasticate the ram
pic 2: rubberband the whole gun. *note* put the rubberband on the trigger first as this means you can move the ram rubberbands so that the ram is horizontal and in line with the gun
Pic 3: the loaded and finished gun.

ENJOY :))))

and now available at Jimbo's guns today !!   *BOOM BOOM*



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    5 years ago on Step 4

    this is SO COOL!!!!!!!!!!!1