Super Minibow

Introduction: Super Minibow

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EXTREMELY POWERFUL!!!! You can sharpen your rods, but I'm not sure if the ammo flies straight. It moves too fast for me to be able for me to tell.

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Step 1: Center

I wasn't really sure what else to call it.

Step 2: Extentions

These are called extensions because they extend the the length that you can pull back the rubber band.

Step 3: Bow


Step 4: Braces

This prevents the bow from collapsing.

Step 5: Rubber Bands


Step 6: Attach

This part is slightly confusing.

Step 7: Put It All Together

Put it all together.

Step 8: Loading and Ammo

The ammo is a simple gray rod. Stick it through the extensions and load however you want. Hold the bow like in the pic.

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    Of the junk knex weapons, this is one of the best.