1 Up/Super Mushroom Lightbulb

Introduction: 1 Up/Super Mushroom Lightbulb

This is a light bulb that is made to look like Mario's favorite food, a mushroom.

Tip, don't worry about mistakes, the maker comes off if you rum the bulb with your finger.
Warning, the marker comes of with you finger, avoid touching marker you want on the bulb.

Step 1: Materials

A light bulb
Tape(if you can draw strait lines, you won't need this)
black sharpie
color choice sharpie(depends on what mushroom you make, I'm using red)
water bottle cap
2 steady hands

Step 2: Base Line

I am completely incapable off drawing a strait line, so i put tape around where the neck of the bulb ends. i then used the red sharpie to make the line and took the tape off. use your finger to rub any ink that went under your line off.

Step 3: Make the Circles

this is by far the most difficult step.using the bottle cap, make circles with your sharpie. I found it much easier if i held the cap in one hand, the sharpie in the other, and the bulb in my toes. after you're done fix up any ink you may have rubbed off.

Step 4: Color In

Simply color the rest of the top of the bulb.

Step 5: Add Eye and You're Done

give him the classic little line eyes with your black sharpie. after that your done. I was also informed that lighting it up will cause the ink to burn and smell bad. Use it just for display purposes.

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    6 Discussions


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Is it safe or reliable to color a vehicle 12V small bulb the bulb is plain color i.e yellow light and the vehicle tail light cover is red color I am planning to color the bulb blue with permanent marker so that I can get a different color. ;)


    10 years ago on Introduction

    I don't recommend lighting a bulb after coloring it with a marker. I once colored a bulb with a red sharpie in attempt to create a red light-bulb, after a few minutes the bulb heats up and causes the color to melt/burn, this STINKS REALLY BAD!