Super Photography With a Compact Camera!

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This instructable is about taking macro photos and zooming them in more to create stunning images,

with only a compact camera!

I used a Nikon Coolpix a300.

Step 1: Get Hold of a Macro Picture.

You can take great macro pictures with almost any compact camera, but you may have not known.

A DSLR will not work nicely unless you have a special macro lens. DO NOT USE A MAGNIFYING LENS! IT WILL NOT WORK!

To take the picture use macro mode with not more than 1.5x zoom.

Half press the shutter button to focus. Move the camera further or closer if it does not focus.

This one is of a twisted oil pastel.

Step 2: Zoom Into It

I like to use 4x zoom (in the cropping app that my camera has) or more, depending on how much detail I want.

You can also use a computer to crop, but almost all cameras released yesterday or 5 years ago have cropping applications inbuilt.

I used 4x zoom for this oil pastel, but I used 10x zoom for the picture of a computer screen in the next step.

REMEMBER: Do not use more than 1.5x optical zoom.

Crop the image only after it has been taken!

Step 3: This Is a Computer Screen

10x zoom

Step 4: This Is a Finger Print

Taken via my MINI FINGER PRINT VEIWER (check out that instructable too.)

Step 5: Blu Tack

5x zoom

Step 6: DVD

No zoom, just macro

Step 7: Uses for the Pics

Why not use them as your phone lock screen?

How about a guess-what-this-is game?

Hope you like this!



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    6 Discussions


    2 months ago

    Yep looks interesting and clever. And the photo's could have been taken with a compact camera. Maybe or even a DSLR. Please explain how you used your camera to take these photo's. Maybe a magnifying glass or better still what camera, coolpix, canon, soni etc. Again interesting shots above and I can see a bit of fun. But its not clear.

    5 replies

    Reply 2 months ago

    The pics are not clear because they have been made bigger for instructables, they were supposed to be viewed in smaller formats.
    No magnifying glass, in contrary to popular belief, magnifying glasses do not help take macro pictures.


    Reply 2 months ago

    I didn't say the pictures were not clear, they are fine. I ask you to explain how you took the photo's. The coolpix only has 8x zoom and you mentioned 10x you see its confusing. If you tell how a step by step how you took the macro's then I may understand. You did say "This instructable is about taking macro photos and zooming them in more to create stunning images," I just would like to understand, What camera setting and how did you zoom in was it on your computer screen or in camera crop. The camera you used only has 8x optical Zoom. Its confusing.


    Reply 2 months ago

    Use the inbuilt cropping program that is there in the camera to zoom after the pics are taken.
    I have written about taking the picture in step 2. Thanks for helping make my instructable better.