Super Quick & Easy LED Growlight

Introduction: Super Quick & Easy LED Growlight

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Here's a quick and easy way to give your aquaponic, hydroponic or early start sprouts some extra full spectrum Light love!!!

via the 5 to 10 minute set up time & total cost of about 7 - 10 dollars.

The Sprouts will thank you!!!

Step 1: Prep Materials, Apply LED Strip & Connect


1. LED full spectrum light strips
( available on Amazon Prime)

2. reflective insulation/ backing

3. 12v adapter

optional: dimmer switch, remote, hanging system

So, it's pretty easy to simply layout your LED strips before removing the covering on the adhesive backing to utilize the surface area well.

Once you've settled on an efficient pattern, apply the LED strips, 3M adhesive or hot glue can be used to really secure the led strips to the reflective back panel... i didn't need any extra adhesive.

Connect the LEDs..
No Soldering Necessary!!!

positive to positive, negative to negative. Red to Red, Black to Black.

Connect to 12v adapter.

Test Connection &...


7 dollars & 10 minutes to a new sprouting station grow light!!!

Once the quick & dirty LED growlight is created, you can use clothes pins or sturdy black paperclips & hemp twine to hang your home made grow light.. or buy one cheap pre-made.

Step 2: Illuminate & Sprout!!!

Double Check the connections.

Light up the quick & easy LED growlight and start sprouting.

Great for getting an early jump on Spring and making sprouts happy!

I started mini seqoias, redwoods
( from my mini adventure to see Pier9& SF)
& Japanese Birch sprouts for my nephew... here near Chicago, in winter.

( as well as brussel sprouts, blackberry cuttings, oregano, lemon balm etc)

Thanks, Happy Gardening &

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