Super Road Runner

Introduction: Super Road Runner

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Built Aug 22nd, 2013. This is a show Knex Car, made for its looks then for durability.

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Step 1: Front Nose

Pretty simple put together.

Step 2: Steering Gear

I went with a horizontal gear steering which fitted in place well

Step 3: Steering Complete

The wheel base is held together by Gravity and the horizontal gear. when completely put together, it should stay in one piece.

Step 4: Everything Else

Going through will finish this up.

Step 5: Ideas

This step is the ideas of the next knex car. i see viewers looking but not commenting much, if you like a picture in this step and wanna see an instructable on it, just leave a comment, or if you have another idea just let me know. Pictures listed as showen in order.
1st. Emerald
2nd. Cadillac II
3rd. Project Hot Rod
4th. Sylvania
5th. Cadillac
6th. (Van) G.M.S.L.L.S.
7th. Low Rider Cadillac
8th. Olds Mobile Corvette

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