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Introduction: Super Sandwich Thins for Outdoors or Indoors

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I searched Instructables but could not find any other 'ibles that cover these wonderful bread products.

I know that they are available around the world and certainly in the US and UK and so I thought it would be good to bring them to the attention of my fellow 'iblers...or should that be nibblers?

I am talking about Sandwich Thins which are available square or round and in white, brown and other bread types.

They are superb as food for outdoor walks, Picnics, and wrapped lunches as well as just a light snack at home.

They fit very well into clipper containers or are easily covered in foil or plastic wrap.

All the kids I know love them and there are no issues with those nasty crusts that often get rejected.

As an extra BONUS they can help us all to lose weight.

I have lost many pounds since I switched to sandwiches made on thins.

Step 1: The Amazing Sandwich Thins

I shall be making several sandwich suggestions in this Instructable for you to try yourselves.

Seek out and buy some of many types and makes, to discover the ones that you like the best.

The point of this Instructable is to inspire you to try the thins and to maybe try a few sandwich suggestions that you have not tried before.

Eat them on a camping trip, in the summer house or just lay outdoors in the sun. They are delicious.

I hope that you already know how to make a sandwich, but for completeness I have gone through the steps with a few personal notes that may be of interest.

Spread a thin layer of your favourite spread such as butter or an olive oil based one, as used here.
This stage obviously applies to all sandwich ideas and so will not be repeated in this 'ible.

Step 2: Apple and Cheese

I love the way apple and cheese go together to create great fresh summer sandwiches.

Of course you can try all sorts of combinations of different cheeses and apples

You may also like to try mixing cheeses as I have done in this example.

Step 3: Apple and Cheese

I like the apple sliced and chunky but some like it grated or chopped.

Peel and slice the apple then layer it onto the thins.

Step 4: Great Grated Cheese

Grate your cheese or cheeses and spread over the apple.

Mix cheeses for extra flavour (or flavor).

Here I used English Cheddar and Red Leicester.

Step 5: Cut As You Like

You may leave them just as they are for a good sized handful, or cut them.

In a recent survey of the Gregarious family it was agreed that diagonal slices are more 'posh' and taste best.

Step 6: Prawn Salad

This is a mouth watering delight.

Fresh prawns, fresh shredded lettuce and a light spread of your favourite dressing (e.g.Thousand Island, makes a gorgeous sandwich.

Step 7: Egg and Cress

Rough chop the boiled eggs in a bowl. Then mix in some fresh cress. Spread liberally over the thins.

Perhaps the cheapest and simplest sandwich shown in this 'ible but surely one of the tastiest and satisfying.

Step 8: Toasted Thins

Thins are good toasted but we have found that it is best to lightly cover with spread first before popping them into the toaster.

We find it best to set the toaster for just a short period, enough to warm and melt the spread.

Do experiment with different settings to perfect your ideal toasted thin.

Step 9: Corned Beef and Hummus

Get a good fresh Hummus and spread it over one thin.

(You may choose to not have another spread but I prefer it that way)

Then place a nice slice of corned beef on the other slice and put them together.

(Note how the beef slice neatly fits onto the thin)

These may also be combined very nicely with the warmed thin toast as described above.

Step 10: Bacon and Tomato

Good back bacon (local terms may vary) grilled (broiled) until deep red and trimmed to remove all fat.

Step 11: Grill or Broil Your Tom's

Skinned or with skins, grilled or broiled to a warm glow.

Neatly arranged to complement the lovely bacon.

Brought together in possibly one of the worlds most delicious sandwiches.

(Especially on thins)

Step 12: Other Delights

Ok... I admit it...I could go on forever detailing all the yummy treats that can be made with sandwich thins.

Before I stop, here are just a few more serving suggestions:

The good old 'Chip Butty' as we call it here in the UK.

Lovely thick gammon steaks.

Simple thin sliced ham (maybe with tomato).

I was going to include a nice steak too...but I ate it before I could take a picture.

Mmmmm, I do hope that you have been inspired by these suggestions, which have certainly made me hungry just typing about them.

If you make any please do upload a few pictures.




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    5 years ago

    Those look so good!


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Mmm yes , thanks for saying. Hope you make a few and enjoy.


    5 years ago

    looks delicious, I'll have to give it a go sometime.


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction will not be sorry if you do...and may also lose a little weight too :-)