Super Secret Computer Mouse Safe




Introduction: Super Secret Computer Mouse Safe

I've always looked for the best place to hide private info, and by far this is the best way to hide it! Simply take a computer mouse and transform it into a mini safe to keep valuables (money, gold, etc.)!

Note: The computer mouse will not work for moving your cursor on a computer anymore. 

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Step 1: Materials


A computer mouse that you are willing to give up (it will not work once you've completed this project). 
A small Phillips head screwdriver.
Something small and secret to hide (I'm using a usb stick.)
(Optional) A paper towel so that it doesn't make rattling noises.  

Step 2: Opening the Mouse Up!

Locate one screw at the bottom of the mouse, remove the screw, and pull the two parts of the mouse apart.

Step 3: Break It Off!

To make space for whatever you want to hide, break off half of the circuit board (the half that is away from the mouse wheel). 

Step 4: Break the Mounts!

Break the mounts off to make space. The mounts are noted on the picture (move your mouse over the boxes to see the messages within).

Step 5: Put It In!

Place whatever you want to hide on the paper towel and roll it up. Two layers of paper towel is enough.

Step 6: Put It In!

Place whatever you want to hide (make sure it's rolled up in paper towel first) in the bottom part of the mouse.

Step 7: Close It All Up!

Place the top part of the mouse on the bottom part of the mouse and squeeze them together. Place the screw back into the bottom piece and screw it in. Note: if the top and bottom of the mouse don't fit together, then you might have to break some mounts off from the inside of the mouse to make enough space for whatever you want to hide.

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    2 Discussions


    5 years ago

    i was just thinking, take the usb wires and solder it a usb drive. Then have it disconnected till you click and hold a mouse button.


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    That sounds cool but I'm not that advanced yet :(