Super Secret Door in Minecraft!

Introduction: Super Secret Door in Minecraft!

Are you always the one gathering materials? Are your valuables mysteriously disappearing while your friends are getting cool things, made of that same material? Worry no more! I made this project because I am very interested in redstone. Also when playing with friends I am kind of forced to make secret things for my valuables because we’re all lazy and steal each other's stuff.

Step 1: What Will You Need to Build This?

4 repeaters, 8 redstone dust (or more depending on where your trigger is), 12 pistons, 1 redstone torch, 1 stack of blocks, redstone trigger

Step 2:

Build a 7x3x1 wall out of a block of choice

Step 3:

Dig out 4 blocks one block away from the edge, as shown

Step 4:

Place 4 pistons one block away from the hole as shown

Step 5:

Place 2 more pistons on the far side of the previous ones, and make them face the hole

Step 6:

Copy this design to the other side

Step 7:

Place 2 blocks on the end of each of the previous pistons These will usually be the same block the door is made of

Step 8:

Put blocks on top of all the pistons and also in the gap

Step 9:

Place redstone over the blocks over the gap, and on the edges of our platform

Step 10:

Place repeaters facing out connecting the redstone, the ones in the back on a 2-tick delay

Step 11:

Place 2 blocks out and one on top from the gap section

Step 12:

Place a redstone torch on the previous block you placed, IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT IT IS ON THE SIDE OF THE BLOCK

Step 13:

Place blocks going from the torch to the output, I’m putting it here for convenience's sake

Step 14:

Place all of your remaining redstone dust on the rest of the blocks

Place a lever on the block the redstone dust is powering

Step 15:

Pull the lever and voila!

Step 16:

I did an example to show the capabilities here

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    2 years ago

    That looks neat, thanks for sharing :)