Super Secret Door in Minecraft




This instructable will show you how to build a door that is completely invisible from the outside, but opens up widely when opened.

Being able to make one of these is very useful, especially when playing with siblings or on a server with friends, as they can't see your secret hideout, and only you know how to get in.

This style of hidden door is very useful and is really quite simple to make.

It requires:

- 2 redstone repeaters

-1 redstone torch

- 6 redstone dust

- 12 sticky pistons

- 1 lever

- 4 door material

- 1 previously existing cave/mountain OR 20 wall blocks

Steps 1 - 5 will be on how to make the door in concept

Steps 6 - 12 will be on how to make it inside of an already existing mountain or cave.

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Step 1: Add Pistons

Make a 2*2 square of sticky pistons. They must be sticky or the door will only open once, and never close.

Next, add a 1*2 column of sticky pistons at 90 degree angle to the 2*2 square of pistons.
The direction these pistons face is the direction the doors will open/close.

Step 2: Add Your Door Blocks

Add the material that you want to end up being your door in the space touching both sets of sticky pistons.

This can be any block that can be slid (so not obsidian or bedrock) and doesn't stick (so no slime blocks). I recommend using blocks that will blend with your background, I am using a different color only so that you can see where the door is. (Though rainbow is a fun option for a door you want to be obvious.) Sand or gravel is also a bad choice, because they will not be able to match your surroundings. I will explain why later.

Step 3: Wash. Rinse. Repeat

Repeat steps 1 & 2 again, but mirrored and 2 blocks apart. The two empty space blocks are where the pistons will extend into, so don't build anything here.

Step 4: Build a Wall

Build a wall to hide the pistons. It should be a minimum of 6 blocks long by 4 blocks high. Leave a 2*2 square empty in the middle for your door.

Step 5: Wire It Up

First, make a little loop like in the first picture of this step. This is the place for our redstone to go.

Next add two repeaters, facing outwards, as shown in the second picture. These need to be on the second delay level (one click) so that the door will function properly.

After that, you need to add redstone dust on the rest of the loop, connecting the repeaters. Make sure that the connections are all made, and that your repeaters are facing the right directions.

Once you've done the wiring, add a redstone torch to one of the two blocks above the door. Make sure that you see the redstone connecting into this torch, and that the doors activate. Use pictures 3 & 4 for this step.

All done with that, go to the front of the wall and put a lever on the same blocks as your redstone torch. Picture 5 shows that, if put on the correct block, pulling the lever will open the door. (destroying or pulling the lever a second time will close it.

Step 6: Choose a Location for Your Secret Hideout

Explore your minecraft world until you find a place that suits your needs best. Nearly any place works, as long is it isn't made of sand or gravel, and has easy access.

I picked a place high up on a little hill with a cave on it. Many people would pick the cave, so that's too obvious. Up on the hill is much more concealed, making your Hideout even more secret.

Step 7: Dig It Out

Once you've selected your location, you need to dig out enough space for your door.

Start by digging a 2*2 hole 3 blocks into the mountain. You could go farther, but this is the easiest (and minimum).

After that you need to dig out two 2*2*2 recesses in the sides of the cave. These are the spots where your sticky pistons will go, so no skimping here.

Once done with those two holes, dig up 2 blocks in a 4 block channel. The dug out area should be one away from the door, as shown in picture 4 of this step. This is the start of our redstone area.

When you've finished the first channel, hollow out a 2*6 space in the topmost part of your cave. Use picture 5 of this step for help.

After all this digging you should have a cave that goes 3 blocks into the mountain, with 2*2*2 spaces on each side, at the front there should be a 2 block channel in the ceiling, with a 2*6 area hollowed out for redstone.

Step 8: Add the Redstone

First, add two repeaters in the positions indicated in picture 1 of this step. (on the place hollowed out for redstone on the previous step). Make sure that these are on delay level 2 (one click) or the door will not work.

Next, add redstone dust around the rest of the hollow you made before, connecting all of the components.

Step 9: Add the Pistons

Start by adding 2*2 sticky piston squares in each side of your cave, then add 1*2 sticky piston columns attached to the previously built ones. Look at the pictures and image notes if you're confused, and they'll hopefully clear up any confusion.

Step 10: Add a Redstone Torch

Put a redstone torch on one of the two blocks not above pistons. It doesn't matter which one, as long as you know which one it is.

Step 11: Add the Door and Patch the Holes

Putting the torch down should have made the pistons push you outside, if not, dig your way out and fill in the hole you left.

Once outside, put your desired door material on the pistons and look for gaps into your cave. If you find any, fill them in with a matching material.

Step 12: Finishing Up

Remembering the block that you put the redstone torch on, put a lever on it. Pulling the lever should make the door open. If not, try again with different blocks until the door does open.

Next you're going to want to give yourself a place to live in.

Even though you live in a mountain, you don't have to live in a dark hole. Open up your door and simply dig out your desired amount of space then add furnishings. Since my example is a small outpost, it only has the necessities. Yours can be as lavish as you wan't to make it.

Once you're satisfied with your home, go outside and destroy the lever. Doing so will close the door and make it seem like it's not even there. Once you've done that you can leave without worrying that someone else will find your hideout.

Step 13: Final Words

If you've completed all of the steps correctly, you'll now have a cool entrance to your super secret hideout. These doors area fun way to get into your house, and will definitely impress a few people.

A few hints:

Using this behind waterfalls is cool, but you'll have to put a block above the one where your lever goes.

You can build this anywhere you like, but avoiding gravel and sand will make your life a ton easier, because this door will cause gravel and sand to fall when it's open.

Even though this door is secret, it can easily be broken into by other players, so choosing a secret location is key.

This door is great for getting in, but you can't close it when you're inside unless you add a lever to one of the blocks with redstone dust on it. Then you can just pull the lever to close the door.

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Questions? Leave them in the comments and I will reply as quickly as I can.

- Thanks for reading.

- Spoofs1234

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24 Discussions


Question 6 days ago

The sticky pistons aren't working as they should be. I click the lever and it creates the wall as it should, but when I click the lever again the blocks stay there and don't get pulled back. I don't understand what's going on or what I'm doing wrong.


Reply 10 days ago

I found out how to make it close all, it's in my reply above


10 days ago on Step 5

This only makes the top layer activate, to get both you need more wiring
The wiring shown below will activate both top and bottom and work well, give it a second between activations though. With the lever inside you can open/close at will as long as outside is set to open, though when opening from inside it sometimes abandons a block: activating it from outside fixes this and makes the door whole again


5 weeks ago on Step 13

I loved this! It's super easy to understand, and less confusing than other tutorials that just show pictures and don't at all explain what the steps are. I felt so proud when I completed this even though it's so simple! I am very new to Redstone that before this, I could only be able to put a lever on a Redstone lamp, and this helped me a whole bunch!


Reply 3 years ago

Yes, just put a redstone wire leading to your lever and you can open it from wherever.


Reply 5 months ago

I think it is anything that matches the surrounding blocks


5 months ago on Step 13

very cool. I will use this when I play with my brother because he is a griefer.


1 year ago

I made a similar build with no redstone. The only materials required are 4 levers, 4 sticky pistons and 2 door material

1 reply

Reply 6 months ago

But that is 4 levers that you have to trigger one after another. Also a piston takes redstone anyways and they're found in pretty large quantities so if you have enough to make the pistons in survival you have enough to add redstone as well. but interesting idea nonetheless


Tip 6 months ago on Step 13

If you have the redstone and time, you can hook up an xOR gate where the output triggers the door and the inputs are a lever inside and a level outside, this should be able to make it closeable from the inside and still work with opening. sometimes i go as far as to add a second lever that locks it from the inside at whatever state its currently at


1 year ago

this is a great door I will use this hidden more often. Thank you!!! :)