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Introduction: Super Obvious Speaker Stash

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Ever wanted a super obvious, but super secret stash? How bout that speaker on your old stereo system that gets used every day, but never gets moved? Check!
" I apologize for the photos ahead of time. I don't have a steady hand while taking pictures. I will get a tripod one of these days"

Step 1: Finding the Perfect Speaker

Not a problem. Just get one that is used all the time, but has easy access on it so it is harder to notice it has been modified.

Step 2: Time to Make It Stash Worthy

If you have screws on the back of the speaker, it is going to be easy to make this stash. If not, you may not want make this stash.

1. Remove the 6 or however many screws you have.
"you can put these in your parts bin because you won't need them unless you want to keep the stash sealed up tightly"

2. Remove the back panel by slipping something like a knife in the top gap, and pry it out.

3. Start making a hole with either a drill, or knife "I did this" to make a hole large enough to slip your finger in.

4. Scrape off all burs with a knife and check back panel for proper fit in speaker.

5. Onto the next step!

Step 3: Stash Your Items and Enjoy!

Congrats! Its time to stash! Make sure your items won't rattle around if the speaker does get moved. A book will be to heavy to use in this, but hey, I wanted to hide it. 
One of my future updates may be adding a foam compartment to put everything in so it won't rattle.
Sticking keys and other small metal objects on the back of the speaker will reduce the chance of your stash being discovered!



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    6 Discussions

    @xaq that's not a bad idea

    Maybe bolt (or magnetically) a foam lined ammo can to the bottom?

    Yes, but some expensive speakers actually have a opening on the back to improve Bass quality.

    Ahh, at least people know about it so they don't ruin/impair the quality

    These speakers already hiss and crackle.

    If your speakers are not sealed properly they may hiss and crackle making the sound horrible