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Today I'll be showing you how to make a super simple fire starter that works great. Its super simple because it only requires 3 ingredients, better yet you probably already have them!!!!!  If you are a child, like me, get an adult to help you.

-rubbing alcohol {70% works but 99% works better}
-corn starch
-tin foil {optional}
-paper {optional}
-zip lock plastic bag {optional, but recommended}

                        Tools you'll need

                                                             How to make
1. The first step to making the fire starter is gathering the materials.
2. Add as much corn starch as you would like to make fire starter.
3. Add alcohol until the mixture has reached a play dough consistency. 
4. Cut paper into rectangles and spread the dough on one half of the rectangle {about as thick as card board woks well}. 
5. fold paper over so you have a fire starter sandwich.
6. {optional} wrap in tin foil and/or put in a plastic bag {I would put it in the bag and then squeeze the air out}.
     One other way is to stick it straight in a bag and when you are ready for it all you have to do is put it on some on wood and then make the fire.
                                                                                           How to use
If you wrapped it in tin foil, then peel off the tin foil and make an acute triangle out of kindling and put it under the wood, then, light your awesome fire starter.

                                                                                                Be careful
After handling wash hands and don't touch cuts or eyes until after you're hands are washed. I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR WHAT YOU DO WITH IT.




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    5 years ago

    Very nice idea, i am making an instructable of 10 fire starters, could i use this if i credit you?

    1 reply