Super Simple Ipod Battery Charger (Altoids Tin)





Introduction: Super Simple Ipod Battery Charger (Altoids Tin)

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Super Basic 5v regulator circuit

Step 1: Get the Goods

You will need:
1. A 9v or greater battery
2. A 9v battery clip
3. A lm7805 or lp2954 5v regulator (Sampled from Maxim-Dallas)
4. A female Usb port (also sampled but from

Step 2: The Circuit

This is the most complex circuit you will ever see in your life.

Step 3: Test!

My camer caouldnt capture this but if you did this right the little charging or charged icon should appear in your upper right hand corner of the screen.



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    THIS WON'T WORK you need to put around 2volts threw both data pins

    I made a charger with AA rechargeable batteries and it works for a little while, but then the Ipod says its done charging when its not yet full. I'm thinkin maybe cause the AA's are not enough power. I say that cause regular AA's are 1.5 V but these rechargeables are 1.2Vs, ( I just remembered the difference). Any ideas as to why the Ipod stops charging after that little bit?

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    Can i use the LM75A Regulator instead of the LM 7805? if not, can someone please post a link where i can get a sample LM7805. ty

    I don't know exactly why it does it, but I would guess it may have something to do with the current, not the voltage. I tried charging my 1st gen iPod Touch (w00t) on a mintyboost and it didi the same thing.

    Yeah, what should I do if the charger icon doesn't appear on my ipod, but the charger is clearly on?

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    Yeah i know that now. All the storebrand chargers have resistors in them to tell the ipod to start charging.

    just connect d+ to d- (pin2 to pin3) and newer ipods will think it is a charger

    you sure that it will work because im gonna buy the material :D

    it doesn't work with new ipod models.
    go to this website for the one that works with new ipod models and iphones

    I don't think, it's good idea to use a 9V battery, cause they only have a capacity of approx. 250mAh, so in my calculation, the battery will only last under an hour.

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