Super Simple Microscope

Introduction: Super Simple Microscope

About: Retired Tool and die maker.

This is just a 720 p resolution web cam mounted on a pole. The higher resolution cam you use the better the result will be.

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Step 1:

You can use any flat surface for the base and the upright pole doesn't even have to be perfectly square to the base. I used a brass bushing that has the camera mounted on one side and a lock screw on the other. The bushing needs to slide freely when unlocked. I used a thin round piece of plastic to attach to the camera focus wheel just to make focusing easy while the camera is mounted. Just slide the cam up or down until the picture looks somewhat clear and then lock in place and use the focus wheel to fine tune it. Once you have used the software to capture the picture you can then enlarge it digitally in the computer using your photo software.

Step 2:

Here is a shot of a fruit fly without digital enlargement.

Step 3:

The upper picture is a shot of a pencil tip and the lower picture has been digitally enlarged in the computer. The results would be better with a higher resolution web cam.

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    2 Discussions


    4 years ago

    Nice and stable design! (and great to see that you use PSP :)


    4 years ago

    Still, if it has enough resolution for your needs I'd deem this a success. I like the inherent stability you'd get from the repurposed cast iron base and the drill rod could well be a printer's head guide rod. Nice work!