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Introduction: Super Simple Single Crochet Pot Holder

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This cute pot holder pattern is perfect for leftover yarn. It's so simple that any beginning crocheter that knows how to chain and single crochet can easily follow. It is worked with two strands at a time so the finished product is extra thick to prevent burned fingers when removing hot pans from the oven or stove. It also contains a pocket so you can slip your hand inside for extra control when handling hot items.


  • Size I crochet hook
  • 2 balls of worsted weght yarn
  • Upholstery needle
  • Scissors

MATERIALS I USED: For this project I used Red Heart Earth and Sky worsted weight yarn as well as Red Heart Baby Blue worsted weight yarn. One is a variegated yarn and the other is a solid color yarn. I find that combining a solid with a variegated keeps the finished product from looking "too busy". Both of the yarns that I used were leftover from previous projects, so the exact amount I used is unknown.


  • CH- chain
  • SC- single crochet

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Step 1: The First Piece

Holding two strands of yarn together tie a slip knot and put it onto your crochet hook. I leave about an inch of yarn hanging so i can later tie these together and make a loop to hang my pot holder with. OR, when you finish the piece and tie off, leave a few inches of yarn and use that to make your hanging loop.

CH 31

  • I measured the chain to fit the length of my hand to mid-wrist (as shown in the first picture).You can increase or decrease the number of chains to fit your hand as well.
  • Don't chain too tightly. When working with two strands at a time, it is a little difficult to pull both strands through a tight chain.
  • The two strands may have a tendency to become twisted while working. If this happens, remove your crochet hook, hold the yarn balls, and let the potholder dangle until it untwists.

Row 1: SC in second chain from hook and repeat all the way across. CH 1. Turn

Row 2 thru ??: Repeat Row 1 until you have reached the desired width of your pot holder. (Be sure to keep track of how many rows you work. You will need to work the same amount of rows or more in step two.)

Finished first piece shown in second picture.

Step 2: The Back Piece

CH 38 and measure the chain against the width of the first piece. (Due to the fact that using two strands of yarn at a time make the piece thicker, when using only one strand of yarn, you may have to add more chains to match the size of the first piece).

Row 1: SC in second chain from hook and repeat all the way across. CH 1. Turn

Row 2 thru ??: Repeat Row 1 until you have reached the sameĀ length of the first piece.

Before tieing off at the end, leave enough yarn to sew the two pieces together (finished second piece shown in first picture).
Using the upholstery needle, sew the two pieces together (shown in second picture).

Step 3: The Hanging Loop

To make a hanging loop with the ends of the yarn, tie them together in knots (as shown in the first picture).
Then weave one strand through a chain on the pot holder. Tie the two strands together in a knot and trim the ends (as shown in the second picture).

Step 4: Finishing Up

Lastly, use the upholstery needle to weave in any loose ends (as shown in the first picture).

Second and third picture shows the finished pot holder- front and back.

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