Super Simple Smoothie

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I wanted to make a smoothie, didn't have any special ingredients (soy milk, whipping cream,yogurt frozen berries.....) I had 3 scoops of vanilla ice cream, an orange, and a banana. I Tossed it in a blender, and the results were AWESOME !

This is my first (and probably simplest ) food based instructable. I will be making more instructables on simple drinks......soon....

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Step 1: Ingredients & Tools

-Vanilla Ice cream
-An orange
-A banana

-Cup (Or just use the blender)

-Drink Umbrella's

Step 2: Everything Else

Peel your banana and slice it into bite sized pieces. Toss into blender, Mix until bananas, becomes a thick liquid. Peel, and rip apart chucks of orange, toss in blender, mix until there is little to no chunks (or until they are small enough to fit in your straw). Add vanila ice cream until desired thickness is reached.

Now top with a little umbrella, and the largest straw you can find.

Step 3: Just a Bit More

When making any smoothie you don't have to follow exactly to the recipe, be creative, make it your own.

Vanilla ice cream (or yogurt) is the base for the simplest of smoothies. Be creative, add berries, peaches, watermelon.....

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    10 years ago on Step 3

    Thats great! I usually put chunks of watermelon in the blender with vanilla ice cream. Its really good!