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This is my first instructable!

I made this work desk because I wanted to have a sturdy desk to hold my knife-making equipment (instructables coming soon!), but I didn`t have much space in my garage. The entire project cost me $24, minus the cost of screws because I already had lots of them.


1. one 10 ft. 2x6 wood piece

2. one 8 ft. 1x2 wood piece

3. 2 ft. x 4 ft. MDF board

4. 3 in. Screws (I used 20)

5. Drill (or a screwdriver, it`ll just be slower)

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Step 1: Cut Boards to Size

Cut the 2x6 into four 2-1/2 ft segments. If you are hand-sawing, make sure both ends of each segment are level, as these are the legs of the desk. I forgot to take pics of the 1x2 but you need to cut it into 3 segments, two 2 ft segments and one 4 ft segment.

Step 2: Drill Legs Into MDF Board

Drill pilot holes into the MDF board where you will be drilling screws. Next drill the 3 in. screws through the pilot holes into the 2x6 segments (legs). Use at least 2 screws per leg.

Step 3: Support Beams

Drill the 1x2 segments to the bottoms of the legs as shown in the pics. These are used for support to make the desk less wobbly. This project is very simple and does not take long to assemble. Way to go! you finished! There is some room to add on to this project so get creative!



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    2 years ago

    It came out really well :) I'd like to make a better work space for my sewing projects once I get some other things done around the house.

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