Fresh Frozen Mango Yogurt.




This I'ble will show you 2 things: how to increase the size of your ice cream scoops (8-fold) and how to make a delicious fresh Frozen Mango Yogurt.

Step 1: A Very Simple Recipe

* 800 g of fresh Mango (28 ounce)
* 1 large lemon
* 250 g of sugar (9 ounce)
* 4 dl Greek yogurt (0,42 quart)

Put the pieces of mango in a pan, add the lemon juice and the sugar.
Let the mixture boil gently for 5 minutes until the mango is really soft.
Take a blender and blend it to a homogeneous mixture.
Once it is cooled, mix the Greek yogurt and churn it in an ice cream machine

Step 2: The Ice Cream Container

Ever found out that your ice cream container was too short for the size of scoop you wanted? Here's the solution: use circular containers instead and just go around until you're satisfied.

Step 3: The Scoops

Don't forget to use a larger spoon and to heat it up halfway...

The diameter of the ball has been doubled, meaning that the volume of your scoop has been increased 8-fold! 



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    It's a name over here for yogurt that has a slightly higher fat content: 10g / 100ml (ordinary yogurt is around 3g / 100ml).
    The higher fat content comes from the way it's made (but if you want the exact details I have to look it up).


     If you look at the pictures, you'll see one "normal" ice ball and another large one. The smurf is a scale reference.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Wow, I just love this Instructable!!!

    Not only the mango part, but now I can finally scoop ice cream!!!  (I could, but not well) =)

    3 replies