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Introduction: Super Sleek Spool Mount for $5

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I have a very limited amount of space to print in so i went looking for a aesthetically pleasing spool mount and to be honest most used threaded rod and clamps which were not very nice to look at and require dis-assembly to swap spools and took up a lot of space.

My creative mind went wandering so I looked for delta specific spool mounts and they fit on top of the printer adding to the dimensions.

So i decided to make my own the end result a spool mount that fits inside the frame and doesn't interfere with the moving components. It is minimalist features a quick swap adapter and is very solidly built.

This is a follow up instructable to my Cheap DIY Delta Printer it is enterd in the 3d Printing contest give it a read and if you like it please vote for it, Thanks

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Step 1: Parts

You need very few parts for this spool mount mainly the stl part files but also

  • A 6004Z bearing (42mm OD, 20mm ID, 12mm Height)

  • 10x M3 Nuts
  • 9x M3x8mm Screws
  • 1x M3x16mm Screw

Thats it this comes in at $5 for me because i only had to buy the bearing i had everything else.

Step 2: Printing

For this part you need access to a 3D printer attached are the stl's for printing it is important that the spool mount be printed on its side this ensures the least amount of support material and the best strength possible for this application.


  • 3 Spool Mounts
  • 1 Spool Bracket
  • 1 Bearing Adapter

Print Settings

Layer Height 0.3mm


Spool Mount 100%

Spool Bracket 50%

Bearing Adapter 15%


Spool Mount : YES

Spool Bracket: NO

Bearing Adapter: Yes


Yes for all.

Try to clean off the supports and rafts nicely

Step 3: Bearing

Take the 6004Z bearing and push it onto the mounting bracket i did champer the post so it gets very tight the farther you go down and it will not come off without breaking the print this gives a zero play assembly.

Step 4:

Now take the Spool mounts and push two M3x8mm Screws through the holes then slide in two M3 Nut thhrogh the OpenBeam. Position the Mount with the lower tab facing inwards. repeat for the other two sides and screw them in but keep them movable.

Next take the Spool Bracket with bearing installed and Screw a M3x8mm screw through the three holes on each arm then install the Spool Bracket onto the Spool Mounts and secure it with a M3 Nut.

Finally align the 3 Spool Mounts so they are inline with the Spool Brackets arms and your done.

Step 5: Filament Guild

The purpose of the filament guild is to move the filament way from moving components to install it take the M3x16mm Bolt and Screw it through the top hole. Now remove the screw on the left side of the top vertice above the extruder motor add some washers ~8 to the M3x16mm Bolt and screw it into the the top vertice.

Step 6: Mounting the Spool

To finish up place the Bearing adapter onto the bearing the fit should not be tight. Install the filament on the bearing adapter and push the filament through the filament guild and down to the extruder motor and your done a Super sleek $5 spool holder.

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