Fully 3D Printable Super Stand!




This is a very helpful stand for next to your couch! This includes a cup holder, a tray for items, a rotating plate, and even a phone port! This stand is very stable because of the supports that interlock and can't be broken down.

Step 1: Make the Bottom Base!

1. Make a 12x6 rectangle extruded 1.5 inches

2. On the top 12x6 face, draw a circle with a diameter of 2.5 inches. Make the center point 2.75 inches from the right side and 2 inches down from the top

3. Next make a 3x1 rectangle with the 3 inch side parallel to the top of the 12x6. Make the left side of the 3x1 1.75 inches from the right side of the 12x6 and the top of the 3x1 1.25 inches from the top of the 12x6.

4. Make a 2.5x5.5 rectangle with the 5.5 inch side parallel to the top of the 12x6. The 2.5x5.5's bottom edge should be 1 inch from the bottom edge of the 12x6. Make the left side of the 2.5x5.5 rectangle 1.75 inches from the left side of the 12x6.

5. Cut the first 4 steps into the 12x6 using the extrude feature. Ensure to change the direction of the extrusion so it cuts, rather than adds material.

6. Also cut a 1x1 square in each corner .25 inches from the edges of the 12x6. Cut all of the way through, these holes are the column.

Step 2: Make the Supports!

1. Make a square 1.5 in x 1.5 in and extrude it by 10 inches

2. On the ends of the the support make a smaller square 1 in x 1 in. The outside of the square should .25 in away from the edge. Extrude it by 1.5 in. Make sure you do this on both ends

3. Now that you made 1 support, you need to make 3 moree

Step 3: Make the Top!

1. Make a 12 in x 6 in rectangle and extrude it by 1.5 in

2. Make another rectangle on top 9 in x 3 in. Make sure is 1.5 inches off the shorter side and 2.5 inches of the long side. Cut it in by .75 inches.

Step 4: Make It Your Own!

You can leave it like this but why not make it special and something of your own that you thought of? For example we added a plate on the bottom so you can rotate it. This included a plate with a circle extruded in the middle and a plate connected to the bottom piece. This is helpful for us and we want you to have fun with this. Good luck!



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    1 year ago

    Dear lord, I spent 3 months looking for this cuz I couldn't remember what contest I saw it in and wanted to 3d print it now that I have a 3d printer. Still think this should've won :P


    2 years ago

    This seems very useful. Good idea.