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Introduction: Super Stereo Case

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So, here's an Instructable on how to build a basic case for a Stereo Mic, add some Potentiometers, XLR Jacks, LEDs, and Switches.

Parts List

2 XLR Jacks
2 50K Ohm Potentiometers
1 Toggle Switch
1 Large Red LED
2 Potentiometer Knobs
1 7"x3"x1.7" Project Box

Step 1: Drilling Holes

firstly you need to make sure all your parts are working and yadda yadda, use your DMM to check these. Next mark your holes and drill them

Step 2: Solder Your Shenanigans

Now its time to solder and de-solder your parts.
De-Solder your parts that you need to remove from the circuit board, such as:

Surface Mount Power Switch
Power LED
Stereo 50K B (Linear) Potentiometer
Audio Jack

Replace these with:

Toggle Switch
Giant Red LED
2 Mono 50K B (Linear) Potentiometers
2 Male Panel Mount XLR Jacks 
     this allows for individual output of the left and right mic/channel

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    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    thanks!! i actually dismantled this a while ago, but i might build a DI box in the near future, as i could use one.