Super Stylish DIY Night Lamp!




Introduction: Super Stylish DIY Night Lamp!

Hi everyone!

Here's the perfect way to re-use your bottle of wine and turn it into a beautiful stylish night lamp.

Good luck and... Cheers!


  • A bottle of wine (preferred white, for its bright glass)
  • A string of lights (can be in any color/style you like)
  • Batteries (not needed in case the light are of "plug-in" type)
  • Optional for the label removal: a bucket, a sharp knife, dishing soup and a metal sponge

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Step 1: Have a Fun Night With Your Roommates and Finish Up a Bottle of White Wine!

Step 2: Quietly Steal the Empty Bottle...

Step 3: Make Sure You Have All the Necessities and Get to Work!

Step 4: Cut Off the Top Wrap of the Bottle

Step 5: Peel Off the Labels on the Buttle

  • In order to get it done right, try soaking up the bottle in cold water with a little bit of dish soap.
  • (Make sure the bottle is full of water so it will sink in).
  • After the label is getting moist, start peeling it off with a sharp knife.
  • Eventually, use a scratch sponge in order to get it nice and clean.

Step 6: Insert the Lights String Into the Bottle

Step 7: Put Butteries in Place to Get the Lights Working

Step 8: Turn on the Lights and Be Amazed!

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    3 months ago

    Welp now I know what to do with the two battery powered string lights I bought!