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Introduction: Super Table - Covered With Comic Books

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Hi Friends !

This table I made for a film set.
It was a work for the college. Actually I study at a film college ;)
It is very easy to make.
You need just a few of comic books, scissors, and glue.
For finish it , brush a coat of varnish for waterproofing.
This day was very funny, I worked a lot, my friends the same.


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    This would make really super cool wall art too!!!!!!!

    her are my efforts at creating similar tables


    Beautiful table what glue did you use

    What brand of varnish did you use? I have looked a several but I'm terrified of ruining the comics! Great idea by the way easy and great for the comic obsessed ;)

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    Hi zumbiecow ,
    I used one from here Brazil, it is Suvinil.
    But I think you could use a ordinary varnish. go ahead ! it works.

    hats off,
    i super loved.
    5 stars from me...
    we should make a wall like this
    oh god it would be so awesome...
    keep rocking...

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    hii! thanks for the compliment ;)
    Sure a wall would be great... but at moment I have no wall
    to make some criativity :D

    Ficou muito lindo! Só não sei se tenho coragem de canibalizar as revistinhas...

    Oh Mary! Mary! You do such cool things in your life! This is tops!! I will be making one of my own now.. I don't know how my guy will feel when I take his vintage comics and make them into a decor piece in our living room but I'm willing to do it for the love of a conversation piece.. I do love this Mary! Thanks.

    This looks really nice! I made some custom cd cases with comic books once, but they didn't turn out as nice as this. Maybe I should have used varnish.